Exclusive: Ryan Reynolds Teaming With Jason Bateman For The New Hire, Plot Revealed

Ryan Reynolds will star in a comedy titled The New Hire about a man who finds his perfect job has dark secrets, with Jason Bateman directing.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are working together on a new movie titled The New Hire, with the Deadpool actor attached to star and the Arrested Development star to direct. According to our trusted and proven sources, the comedy will involve Reynolds landing a job at what seems like a perfect company, only to find it more complicated than that. This will be the first time that the pair have worked together since 2011’s The Change-Up, although the duo has come close to it once again in recent years.

The New Hire will star Ryan Reynolds as a tech worker who finds a job at his dream company, but soon discovers that his eccentric coworkers are hiding a dark secret about their workplace. Although the film is being described as a comedy, the plot actually sounds a bit more like a thriller or even a horror movie, so it will be interesting to see how it actually plays out in the film. 

Ryan Reynolds has dipped his toes into some darker film genres at times (like the talking animal serial killer film The Voices or the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror) but is far and away better known for his comedy roles. As such, we can probably expect The New Hire to lean more into the wacky side of a thriller premise and probably give Reynolds the chance to make some snotty remarks in a low voice.

ryan reynolds

It does not appear that Jason Bateman will be acting alongside his former co-star Ryan Reynolds, but will only be taking the director’s chair for the Warner Bros. Discovery movie. Although Bateman has been acting since he was a child (first coming to prominence on the NBC series Little House on the Prairie) and recently starred in the acclaimed Netflix crime drama Ozark, he has also been increasingly working as a director.

In the late 1980s, Jason Bateman began directing episodes of television and eventually made his feature film directorial debut with 2013’s spelling-bee comedy Bad Words, part of the wave of aggressively misanthropic comedies with “bad” in the title, like Bad Teacher, Bad Santa, and Bad Moms. Until recently, however, Bateman primarily directed feature films that he also acted in, so it appears that he is beginning to change things up.

Speaking of which, Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman’s previous joint effort The Change-Up was not considered a success by either of their standards, but apparently, it did not sour either of them on working together in the future. If even an objectively terrible body-switch movie can’t damage their friendship, probably very little can.

It has also been reported that Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are working together on a remake of Clue, the mystery comedy based on the titular Hasbro, but word on that has been scarce as of late. At one point, Bateman was also intending to direct that feature, but has stepped away from the chair and will apparently only be acting alongside Ryan Reynolds.