Jason Bateman Directing A Netflix Series About The FBI’s Biggest Conspiracy

Jason Bateman is directing Dark Wire, a film about an FBI conspiracy to create a fake telecom company.

By Joshua Jones | Published

Netflix has secured the feature film rights to an upcoming FBI conspiracy novel, Dark Wire. According to Deadline, the streaming giant has already hired Ozark star Jason Bateman to direct the film adaption. The report notes that the project will be produced by Stranger Thing’s Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, and Dan Levine.

Based on the novel by Vice Motherboard journalist Joseph Cox, Dark Wire uncovers the truth of how the FBI launched a fake telecom company and became a phone service provider to some of the world’s most notorious gang factions. In addition to Jason Bateman, the project will also be sphere-headed by executive producer Tracey Nyberg. Operation Finale’s Matthew Orton was hired to adapt the novel to screen.

Jason Bateman recently wrapped up his stint on the Netflix drama Ozark. The series ran for four seasons and received mostly favorable reviews from critics. The Bateman-led crime drama reportedly was streamed for a total of 78.4 million hours by audiences and frequently climbed onto the top charts on the streamer.

In March, it was reported that Jason Bateman would team with Marvel stars Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson for an upcoming AppleTV+ project. Unfortunately for Bateman fans, the Arrested Development star left the project over “creative differences,” according to Deadline. The outlet noted that Bateman’s decision to part ways with the project was a “mutual” one.

Dark Wire is the latest of several projects that Bateman has in his busy schedule. He’s also set to star in the untitled Nike film, which includes Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Production on the film recently wrapped in September.

Jason Bateman also will team with Taron Egerton in the upcoming Netflix thriller Carry On. Bateman is said to play a mysterious traveler who blackmails a TSA agent (Egerton) into letting him slip a package through security. The film has yet to set a release date.

It appears Netflix is all in on Jason Bateman and Dark Wire’s producer Shawn Levy. Levy himself is about to end his journey with the hit show Stranger Things. Season 4 premiered this past summer with much fanfare and buzz surrounding many of the new characters and the show’s villain, Vecna.

It’s quite funny that Netflix is making a movie about the FBI, considering an actor from one of its shows was recently arrested by the government agency. In June, Tiger King star Bhagavan “Doc” Antle faced federal money laundering charges. We’ll have to see if the upcoming Jason Bateman-led Netflix film incorporates money laundering into the story.

Netflix also recently settled a lawsuit over the Unofficial Bridgeton Musical. While the streaming giant may have a great relationship with Jason Bateman, it certainly isn’t infallible nor incapable of burning bridges with its former talent. The streamer is still trying to combat password sharing and the rise of other streaming services.

Perhaps Dark Wire will be another hit for Netflix and more proof of why their relationship with Jason Bateman is one they should keep. If it could lead to more subscribers, they definitely would call the project a success.