Ryan Reynolds Shows Off Deadpool’s New Costume For Deadpool 3

By TeeJay Small | Published

Now that the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes have concluded, Ryan Reynolds and company have finally returned to their post to finish filming the third installment in the Deadpool franchise.

Reynolds recently shared a behind-the-scenes photo showcasing the new and improved suit for the upcoming film, which appears to be more comic-book accurate than ever before.

New Deadpool Suit

The suit which the merc with the mouth will don this coming Summer comes in a stunning bright red color, on what appears to be a classic spandex material.

Ryan Reynolds has been pushing boundaries for years to bring his vision of Deadpool to life on the big screen, resulting in one of the most beloved superhero franchises ever created.

Deadpool Coming To The MCU

After failing for years to get the studio to agree to his demands for a blood-coated, R-rated, foul-mouthed, faithful take on the character, Reynolds finally achieved his goal of producing the first film back in 2016.

In the years since, 21st Century Fox has been swallowed whole by Disney, meaning the Deadpool brand can be officially integrated into the MCU.

Deadpool Too Crass For Marvel?

ryan reynolds deadpool heart

This news gave pause to some of the chaotic anti-hero’s biggest fans, as the adult-friendly themes of the first two Deadpool movies don’t exactly gel with the family-friendly goals of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Luckily, Ryan Reynolds and his cohorts quickly quelled these fears, by providing fans with a few first looks at the exciting new developments planned for the third Deadpool film.

These details include the appearance of Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine, who hasn’t been seen since hanging up the mantle in 2017’s Logan.

Hugh Jackman Joining Deadpool 3

deadpool 3 ryan reynolds

More recent behind-the-scenes photos have seen Jackman donning the iconic yellow and blue suit often associated with Wolverine in the comic books.

This is the first time the Australian actor has worn the classic costume on the big screen, despite having played the character in 9 films over the last 24 years.

This speaks to the comic book purism held by Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the Deadpool production team. Plus, there’s the campy, self-aware nature of the franchise, which enables characters to don their comic-accurate looks without appearing silly and out of place.

Ryan Reynolds Recaps The Year

ryan reynolds

The latest behind-the-scenes look at Ryan Reynolds’ new Deadpool suit comes from the actor’s personal Instagram account, as one of several films highlighting the best elements of his year.

The post, which was shared as a send-off to 2023, has already amassed over 4.1 million likes in just a few days, showcasing just how massive Reynolds’ online following truly is.

Other highlights present in the slideshow include his wife, Blake Lively, as well as a number of players in the Wrexham AFC football club, of which Reynolds is a co-owner.

More Deadpool News Coming?

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds

More news and updates regarding the untitled Deadpool film are sure to come in recent months as the production comes to a close and post-production begins.

Ryan Reynolds has confirmed that the latest Deadpool installment will technically be considered part of the MCU’s fifth phase, though there is no word yet as to how Deadpool and Wolverine will interact with the established Marvel-verse, if at all in the final product.