A Ryan Reynolds Cameo Is Hidden In The Best Video Game

Ryan Reynolds provides commentary in the hit soccer game FIFA 23.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

ryan reynolds

When one thinks of Ryan Reynolds, they don’t often think about video games (unless they are thinking of his 2021 film Free Guy, in which he plays a non-player character who becomes self-aware). Recently, though, the Deadpool actor made headlines when players discovered that he makes an appearance in FIFA 23. According to ComicBook.com, the actor provides commentary for a soccer game alongside Rob McElhenney.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are co-owners of Wrexham AFC, a soccer club (football if you’re European) out of Wales. The club is small and is a part of the National League. It was big enough, though, to be included in last year’s FIFA 22 game, where it was included in the “Rest of the World” category with several other smaller teams from across the globe.

The team made it in again for FIFA 23, and this time it is making a bigger impression, as its inclusion comes with commentary by Ryan Reynolds in true FIFA style. He and McElhenney joke about Wrexham’s match against the much better-known Liverpool team as being a fight between “a big club and a very small club.” It is then clarified that they were referring to Liverpool being a smaller team from a “tight-knit community.”

The game has been out for a while, but only recently have fans discovered Ryan Reynolds’ Easter egg in it. They are hoping that his team – and his cheeky commentary – will be in FIFA 24 as well, but that is a bit of a controversial topic.

FIFA 23 will be the last collaboration between EA Sports and FIFA after their big split this year. From now on, the two will go their separate ways, with EA releasing EA Sports FC later this year and FIFA joining with another studio to create next year’s FIFA 24

ryan reynolds fifa
Wrexham AFC taking the field in FIFA 23

Regardless, Ryan Reynolds still has a lot going, with or without FIFA. In addition to his acting career and ownership of a sports team, he also holds an ownership stake in Mint Mobile, a telecommunications company that offers some of the lowest rates for cell phone plans in the United States. 

Ryan Reynolds often appears in commercials for the company and lends his fame to its cause, which is bringing affordable phone plans to everyone. While most celebrities tend to start or buy into companies that sell expensive or luxury goods, Reynolds was more concerned with getting fair prices and bringing practicality to the technology we use every day.

Ryan Reynolds is not only connected with FIFA and the cell phone industry but is also a co-owner of Aviation American Gin, which recently opened a new distillery/visitor’s center in Portland, Oregon. The distillery, like everything Reynolds is involved with, has an element of playfulness that really gets visitors involved. The 33,000-square-foot distillery includes a tasting room and cocktail bar and gives visitors the chance to go into Reynolds’s office, which just so happens to double as an escape room in which they must solve puzzles to get out.

With all these different investments in different industries, it should come as no surprise to hear Ryan Reynolds’ voice in FIFA 23 – that guy is everywhere!