DC’s New Rosario Dawson Series Is #1 On Streaming

By Douglas Helm | 1 month ago

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It looks like HBO Max has another hit on their hands with one of their latest original shows reaching #1 on the HBO streaming charts. DMZ starring Rosario Dawson was just released on March 17 but it has already climbed to the top. The limited mini-series only has four episodes total, so it’s basically like watching a slightly longer movie if you’re wanting to binge it in one go.

DMZ stars the aforementioned Rosario Dawson as Alma Ortega. The series is set in the near future in the wake of a second American civil war. The effects of the war caused Manhattan to be isolated from the rest of the world and become a demilitarized zone, or DMZ. Dawson’s Alma is a medic who lost her son eight years before, during the evacuation of New York City. We follow her journey as she sets out to find him. In her search, she faces various threats and obstacles, primarily the leader of the Spanish Harlem Kings gang, Parco Delgado (Benjamin Bratt).

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In addition to Benjamin Bratt and Rosario Dawson, the series also stars Freddy Miyares, Hoon Lee, Jordan Preston Carter, Venus Ariel, Amandla Jahava, and more. The story is based on a DC/Vertigo comic-book series written by Brian Wood. Robert Patino and Carly Wray handled the adaptation while Ava Duverney directed the pilot. Ernest Dickerson directed the three episodes after.

While DMZ is popular at the moment, it remains to be seen if that popularity will last. If the reception is anything to go by, it doesn’t seem like this will be the case. Right now on Rotten Tomatoes, reviews are pretty mixed at best. The critic score is at a less-than-ideal 44%. The audience score is actually worse, coming in at just 41%. With this being a fairly new series, those reviews could always go up with more viewers tuning in. Then again, they could go further down too. Overall, the consensus seems to be that the acting is well done, especially from Rosario Dawson and Benjamin Bratt, but the story adaptation leaves a little to be desired. Since this was produced as a mini-series, it probably wasn’t going to get a second season anyway, so as long as HBO gets the viewers, they’ll likely be happy with the results.

Fortunately for Rosario Dawson, a critical misfire isn’t going to be too big of a deal for her. She’s got plenty of projects in the pipeline that fans are going to love. For one, Kevin Smith is bringing back the characters from his beloved Clerks series, including her character from Clerks II. Dante, Randal, Elias, Jay, and Silent Bob will all be returning for Clerks III, which is currently in production. She also has an upcoming movie titled Haunted Mansion that was penned by Guillermo del Toro and co-stars Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, LaKeith Stanfield, and Tiffany Haddish. Another movie on her docket is called Speed of Light and will star Dawson as a character named Vanessa Trace.

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However, Rosario Dawson’s biggest upcoming role, at least from a hype perspective, is undoubtedly her solo series as Ashoka Tano in the Star Wars universe. The beloved character made the jump from animation to live-action in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, where she had almost an entire episode dedicated to her character. She also made a brief appearance in The Book of Boba Fett. Ahsoka, which will air on Disney+, will really be her time to shine as the character. The show also co-stars Hayden Christensen, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ray Stevenson, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, and Ivanna Sakhno. Based on her previous appearances in the Star Wars Disney+ series, the show will likely be following Ahsoka as she looks for the villainous Thrawn and the missing Jedi named Ezra Bridger, who was last seen with the villain in the finale of Star Wars: Rebels.

While we wait for all of the awesome projects that Rosario Dawson has lined up you can check her out, along with the many other people streaming it, in DMZ. All of the episodes are currently streaming on HBO Max. While the reception has been less than warm, you never know if you’ll end up being on the other side of the fence.