Robert Patrick Joins Reacher Season 2 As Major Character Is Recast

Robert Patrick joins Reacher Season 2.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

Deadline is reporting that The Night Agent‘s Robert Patrick will be joining the cast of Amazon Prime Video’s Reacher for the second season, replacing Rory Cochrane in the role of Shane Langston. Reacher was developed for streaming by Nick Santora, who holds writing credits for hit television series such as Law & Order, FBI, and The Sopranos, and adapts the Jack Reacher book series written by Lee Child. The series was also adapted into a pair of movies in 2012 and 2016, respectively, with Tom Cruise in the leading role.

The character Robert Patrick will be portraying in Reacher, Shane Langston, is characterized by his career as a street-smart NYPD detective with questionable methods for achieving his goals, who now works as the lead security officer for a private defense contractor. Rory Cochrane was set to play Langston in the series’ second season per casting announcements made back in September of 2022, though he exited the production shortly thereafter, citing scheduling conflicts due to a change in the production schedule.

According to sources close to Deadline, Cochrane hadn’t shot any scenes before his departure from the project, meaning the change in casting required no reshoots.

Reacher follows Alan Ritchson as the titular Jack Reacher, a veteran military police officer who investigates an unraveling web of conspiracy in a small town in rural Georgia. Robert Patrick is set to join in the second season of Reacher along with series regulars Ferdinand Kingsley and Serinda Swan, alongside new players Shaun Sipos and Maria Sten. The second season is set to adapt the 11th book in Child’s series, Bad Luck and Trouble.

robocop john cena
Robert Patrick and John Cena in Peacemaker

In Bad Luck and Trouble, a number of Jack Reacher’s old military contemporaries begin to turn up dead under mysterious circumstances, leading Jack to go on a revenge-driven investigation to uncover the truth. While there’s no way of knowing how exactly Robert Patrick folds into all this, the second season of Reacher wrapped production in late February, so it shouldn’t be a long wait to find out. While no announcements have been made regarding the second season’s release date on the streamer, sources are indicating the season will likely be set for a September 2023 release.

While he may not be a household name for some, Robert Patrick appeared in many iconic roles before taking on the role of Shane Langston in Reacher‘s second season. Most notably, Patrick portrayed the menacing robot assassin, the T-1000, in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The T-1000 was capable of changing its shape and appearance in order to take on the physical characteristics of a human being, as well as shape-shifting between solid and liquid states at will in order to pass through obstacles such as prison bars.

Robert Patrick also portrayed the degenerate gambler Davie Scatino in the second season of The Sopranos, making a major mark on the series after appearing in only three credited episodes. Most recently, Robert Patrick appeared in HBO Max’s Peacemaker and Netflix’s hit series The Night Agent before taking on his upcoming Reacher role.