Ralph Macchio’s Real-Life Daughter Is In Cobra Kai Season 4

Ralph Macchio's daughter is in Cobra Kai!

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | Published

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Ralph Macchio is probably a household name at this point, having starred in the 1984 classic The Karate Kid. The film was a box office hit, and throughout the 80s, there were a few sequels to add to the The Karate Kid franchise. Due to the beloved franchise, a series spinoff on Netflix was created in 2018. The series is titled Cobra Kai, and is based on the character, Daniel LaRusso and his old rival, Johnny Lawrence. The series is currently on its fourth season, and a special someone made a debut on the show. Ralph Macchio’s daughter, Julia Macchio, appeared in the series, working alongside her father. 

Julia Macchio, 29, plays the role of Vanessa LaRusso, Daniel’s cousin, in the fourth season. It was definitely an exciting role to take on, not only to be part of such a renowned series, but also to be part of the same set as her father. Ralph Macchio shared the same emotions and was very proud of her daughter and her accomplishments. In an interview with People, Macchio mentioned what it was like to watch his daughter take on the role of Vanessa LaRusso. “I was the proud father on set that day. As soon as she ran our first take, everybody was like, ‘Holy crap, she’s got this character.’”

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Julia Macchio in Cobra Kai, “Party Time”

According to Men’s Health, Julia Macchio couldn’t contain her excitement and reached out to fans on social media about her joys of being on the set of Cobra Kai. Just like her father, Ralph Macchio, the young actress has had her share of roles in other films in the industry. She has appeared in movies such as Girl Most Likely and Stella’s Last Weekend. Robert Macchio has definitely expressed his happiness about sharing the experience of working on the set with his daughter. The actor has always had an admiration for the role of Daniel LaRusso. In fact, the character has been such an important aspect in his life, that he named his son after him, according to The List

It is great to see that the series, which continues Daniel LaRusso’s story, has been doing quite well with both fans and critics. And to be a part of a story that had such a huge impact back in the 80s must be an honor. Julia Macchio has always had a love and passion for acting, just like her father, Ralph Macchio. The actress told People in an interview, “It’s something that I have wanted to do since as long as I can remember.” Being able to share a passion that her father also has helped her grow in her acting skills and career. Her passion for acting on the screen was quite clear as she portrayed her character in Cobra Kai

Other famous names have had a special chance to appear on the show, like the famous singer, Carrie Underwood. Underwood was able to play herself during the All-Valley Karate Championship. Julia stars alongside her father, Robert Macchio, in an episode titled, “Party Time.” And as the series starts to prepare for season 5, perhaps fans and audiences might see the father daughter duo make a few more appearances together.