The Most Game-Changing Horror Movie In History Is Getting The Version It Deserves

Psycho is getting a fully remastered 4K Blu-Ray Ultra-HD collection later this year.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

If you’re a big fan of horror movies, then you already know that Psycho is one of the biggest game-changers in the entire genre. Because of that, fans never get tired of digging into the history and making of this influential horror classic and its famous sequels. If you’re such a fan, you’re in luck: Bloody Disgusting reports that on September 25, Arrow Video will be releasing the region-free Psycho Collection, which contains restored versions of the four films in the franchise as well as more special features than you can shake a knife at.

The only “bad news” concerning this Psycho Collection is that it will be a limited edition release and only in the UK. Before you stalk us into the shower for getting your hopes up, though, you should know that all 4K discs are automatically region-free. Therefore, while the set will be available in both Blu-Ray and 4K versions, those who snag the 4K collection will be able to play the discs regardless of their own region.

Now, what will you get when you bring this iconic horror collection home? For one thing, Psycho II, III, and IV are all lovingly restored from the original camera negatives, and these 4K restorations will have the films in question looking better than they ever have before. And each film comes with detailed commentary that will help you learn more about what might be the most famous franchise in horror history.

psycho collection

For fans that have seen each Psycho movie repeatedly, this set boasts enough special features to more than warrant double dipping. You’ll get double-sided posters, postcard-sized art cards, and a 120-page book collector’s book of engrossing content written by eminent film critics John-Paul Checkett and Johnny Mains. And fans of the films will likely enjoy the many featurettes that dive into iconic scenes, including the famous (or should that be infamous?) shower scene.

Beyond the restored films and extra physical features, though, the power of the Psycho Collection is that it lets you experience the films in a way that helps to contextualize their historical importance. For example, you can rewatch theatrical trailers and TV spots and then watch documentaries and panel discussions, all of which give you insight into what earned these movies a place in cinematic history. You can even view press kits for different movies, which build on the trailers and TV spots to help younger fans learn (and older fans remember) exactly how these grisly movies were marketed.

As major horror fiends, we’re obviously a bit biased, but we think the limited release of this Psycho Collection is worth snagging at soon as it releases on September 25. Whether you are a veteran fan of the venerable franchise or if you’re only aware of the shower scene from movie references and memes, this is the perfect way to dive into Alfred Hitchcock’s most influential foray into horror. Considering this is one of the few franchises where the sequels don’t deliver diminishing returns, we think this collection deserves a place on every film buff’s shelf.