See Robert Picardo Return To Star Trek As The Doctor

Please state the nature of your medical emergency.

By Josh Tyler | Updated

Kate Mulgrew’s Janeway and Robert Beltran’s Chakotay won’t be the only members of the original Voyager crew on Star Trek: Prodigy when the animated series returns for season 2. The Doctor is in the first-ever Star Trek: Prodigy season 2 clip as the crewmember tasked with showing the Prodigy kids their new home.

The Doctor on Star Trek: Prodigy
The Doctor’s introduction in Star Trek: Prodigy season 2

He is voiced, of course, by the only man we’d ever want playing The Doctor: Robert Picardo.

robert picardo star trek
Robert Picard as The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager

Don’t worry; he won’t be confined to sickbay. He’s still wearing his futuristic mobile emitter and has apparently been embraced by the Federation as a sentient lifeform. He even wrote a book which The Doctor happily brags was rather well-received.

Robert Picard as The Doctor on Star Trek: Prodigy
The Doctor wearing his mobile emitter

The Doctor introduces himself as “The Doctor.” That’s a bit of a surprise since, near the end of Star Trek: Voyager he does finally pick a name for himself. After years of agonizing over what to call himself, The Doctor chose the name “Joe”.

It would seem a few years later, The Doctor has gone back to calling himself “The Doctor”. Good decision Joe, we like you better this way.

It’s also worth noting that even though he’s still in Starfleet, The Doctor still doesn’t have an actual rank. As it was on Voyager there are still no pips on his collar.

The clip (which can only be seen on confirms that the series will continue to follow the plot teased by Prodigy season one. They’re setting off in search of Chakotay, which means we’re sure to get more of him too, hopefully on the new Voyager A bridge in this new season of the show.