See The USS Voyager-A, Just Unveiled By Star Trek With Janeway At The Con

The Voyager A continues the legacy of Star Trek: Voyager's legendary hero ship.

By Josh Tyler | Updated

Star Trek: Prodigy has officially been canceled by CBS, but the show’s second season has already been completed and will release on Parmount+ soon. When it does, the series will deliver on the promise it gave us at the end of season 1 by bringing in the Voyager-A.

We got proof in the first-ever footage released from Prodigy, featuring our first-ever look at the brand-new USS Voyager A. Here she is…

The ship is to be the hero ship of Star Trek: Prodigy season 2, replacing the USS Protostar. The clip reveals that not only will the crew be aboard Voyager, Admiral Janeway is taking over as the ship’s actual Captain.

The Voyager A is a “Lamar special class science vessel.” It’s not a new class of ship, at least not precisely. The Doctor says this is a fully refitted Lamar Special Class (why the “special” is unknown), and if it has gotten a refit, then the ship and the class has probably been around for a while.

As for the original Voyager, the last time we saw her on the series Star Trek: Voyager, she’d successfully brought her crew home from the Delta Quadrant. Now The Doctor confirms the legendary ship is a floating museum.

Fans who’ve been paying attention will remember that we saw the original Voyager on display at the fleet museum in Star Trek: Picard season 3, alongside other iconic Starfleet vessels.

USS Voyager in Star Trek: Picard season 3

This new Voyager isn’t the first new Voyager we’ve seen. Star Trek has previously shown us both the Voyager J (On Star Trek: Discovery) and the Voyager B (seen briefly on Star Trek: Picard season 3).

Voyager J
Voyager B on Picard

Both the Voyager B and the Voyager J share the original Voyager’s penchant for strange pylon design. The Voyager B looks like it has adjustable warp engines, just like the original Voyager, and the Voyager J has floating detached nacelles.

The Voyager A seems to have gone with a more traditional pylon design. It appears to have swooping, fixed pylons connecting the ship’s warp nacelles to the engineering hull…

Lamar Class Voyager A

It’s possible that those attachment points on the engineering hull could allow for variable warp geometry and that those warp nacelles might move, but I doubt it. It looks like a fixed point on the ship from this vantage point.

More than anything, the Lamar Class takes a lot of its design cues from the Sovereign Class (Enterprise E). The warp engines are Sovereign era engines and the ship’s stretched-out look and impulse engines feel very Enterprise E.

Enterprise E
Sovereign Class Enterprise E

That makes sense, given the era Star Trek: Prodigy takes place in. Prodigy is set during the heyday of the Sovereign Class when that type of ship was the premiere vessel in Starfleet.

It’s also odd that this new Voyager is a science vessel. The original Voyager was an Intrepid Class designed as a long-term exploratory vessel. Science vessels normally don’t do a lot of exploring and are instead outfitted to take a deeper and more in-depth look at the discoveries already made by exploratory vessels.

Otherwise, the Voyager A shares a lot of the same design aesthetic as the original. It especially looks similar when seen from an underside view.

Lamar Class on Prodigy
Voyager A on Star Trek: Prodigy season 2

Unfortunately, the clip doesn’t let us see the ship as clearly as we might like. The Voyager A is still in drydock, surrounded by the support structure of a repair and refit facility. That means we’ll have to wait for Star Trek: Prodigy season 2 to get a clearer look.

Voyager A
On approach to Voyager A in drydock

Here’s hoping she gets one of those Star Trek: The Motion Picture style, grand exit from drydock scenes.

You can see the full Star Trek: Prodigy season 2 clip on

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