Nicolas Cage Surprise Sequel Sets Shooting Date

By Robert Scucci | Published

The sequel to Nicolas Cage’s Lord of War, entitled Lords of War, will start filming in March 2024, according to Variety. The filming for Lords of War will take place in Morocco under the Kasbah Films banner.

In addition to Nicolas Cage reprising his lead role as notorious arms dealer Yuri Orlov, Bill Skarsgård will be portraying his son, Anton.

Lord Of War Sequel

Lords of War will pick up years after Lord of War left off. Though not much has been revealed about the plot, we do know that Nicolas Cage’s Yuri Orlov will discover that he has a son named Anton, who not only wants to follow in his father’s footsteps, but also surpass him.

This ruthless ambition on Anton’s part will trigger an intense father-son rivalry as he attempts to raise an army of mercenaries to fight in America’s Middle Eastern conflicts.

Lords Of War Locations

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Karim Debbagh, the founder of Kasbah Films, is currently scouting locations for Lords of War, and believes that Morocco will be the perfect location to spend 40 days filming the Nicolas Cage film this coming spring.

Considering the wide range of locations that the film needs to cover, like Libya, Egypt, Senegal, Mali, and other Middle Eastern Countries, Debbagh asserts that Morocco’s diverse architecture and geography will have all of the on-location spots he needs to cover all the ground that the Lord of War sequel needs to cover.

Lord Of War Reactions

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Though 2005’s Lord of War was met with mixed reviews on the critical front, it has since proven itself to be a fan-favorite when pitted against the rest of Nicolas Cage’s filmography.

While the film only garnered a 62 percent critical score on Rotten Tomatoes, audiences gave it a more favorable 85 percent.

Despite the criticism the film received for not being as focused as it could be with its overall storytelling, Nicolas Cage was praised for having the bravado to portray a cocky arms dealer whose hubris eventually catches up with him in the third act.

Other Praise For The Nicolas Cage Movie

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Amnesty International also praised Lord of War‘s criticism of illegal arms trade for exposing the dark side of international politics. Nicolas Cage’s ability to make such controversial subject matter engaging through his narration and witty one-liners also made the film easy to digest.

In other words, while pointing its crosshairs at the corruption that can be found at the highest level, Lord of War was not without humor, and we hope to see more of the same messaging and delivery in Lords of War.

Nicolas Cage’s Recent Work

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Nicolas Cage has been on quite the tear over the last few years, and aside from the upcoming Lord of War sequel, he’s boasting a considerable release slate over the next couple of years.

Not only does the Con Air actor have six films out in 2023 alone, with A24’s Dream Scenario being the most recent, 2024 will see him starring in Longlegs and Arcadian. 2025 will also bring us a bizarre psychological thriller with The Surfer.

No Lords Of War Release Date

As of this writing, Lords of War doesn’t have a set release date, but principal photography is expected to wrap by late spring/early summer 2024.

We are looking forward to catching up with this story sooner than later, considering what the movie did the first time around.