Netflix Accused Of AI Images In True Crime Documentary Photos

By Charlene Badasie | Published

netflix true crime

Netflix has reportedly used AI-generated photos in the true crime documentary What Jennifer Did. The documentary chronicles a 2010 murder-for-hire plot in Canada. The streaming service used the images to showcase Jennifer Pan’s “bubbly, happy, confident, and very genuine” personality, as described by her high school friend Nam Nguyen.

The Alleged AI-Generated Images

The images in question appear at around the 28-minute mark of What Jennifer Did have all the markings of AI. This includes one of her front teeth being too long, ill-formed hands and fingers, strange facial features, and mangled background objects. Although Netflix has not responded to the claims, it is not a good look for a true crime drama to alter existing photos or create fake ones.

What Jennifer Did

What Jennifer Did details the truth about the tragic murder of Jennifer Pan’s parents in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Directed by Jenny Popplewell, the 87-minute documentary uses actual footage from the crime scene and police interrogations of Jennifer and her ex-boyfriend Daniel Wong following the events of November 8, 2010.

The Netflix true crime drama also features interviews with police officers, friends of the Pan family, Jennifer’s high school friend, and her piano instructor. The incident took place at the family’s home, where her mother, Bich Ha Pan, was killed, and her father, Huei Hann Pan, was injured. The case was initially treated as a home invasion. But due to inconsistencies in her story, Jennifer became a suspect

Jennifer Pan

Born in 1986 to Vietnamese refugees, Jennifer grew up in a strict home where academic excellence was valued above everything. She was pressured to excel and pretended to be a high-achieving student, even going as far as forging report cards. However, Jennifer struggled to meet her parents’ expectations and began to create a secret double life.

As showcased in the Netflix true crime drama, Jennifer’s parents became suspicious of her activities in 2021 and started to follow her. When they discovered her lies, they became even stricter. Jennifer’s reaction to their doubling down would prove horribly tragic. The case would prove to be one of the most infamous in the history of the Canadian justice system.

Possible Legal Issues?

What Jennifer Did premiered on the streamer on April 10. Due to the sensitive nature of the Netflix true crime documentary, it is especially disturbing that the streamer would green-light the use of AI-generated content as it can cause distress for those involved and potentially lead to legal complications in the future.

Ethical Issues

netflix true crime

The use of AI images in Netflix (or any) true crime documentaries raises various ethical concerns. Creating deepfakes of people without their consent can be seen as a violation of their privacy and personal rights. Moreover, AI images can undermine the credibility and trustworthiness of the documentary itself.

Source: The Byte