Netflix Crime Mystery Is The Greatest Buddy Cop Duo

By Jacob VanGundy | Published

From Lethal Weapon to Rush Hour, the buddy cop genre is well-established with plenty to choose from, but The Nice Guys often gets unfairly left out of the discussion of great buddy cop movies.

Fortunately, this underrated gem is available on Netflix for those who missed out on the modern masterpiece. If you’re a fan of neo-noir and/or buddy cop movies you owe it to yourself to give it a try. 

Ryan Gosling And Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Released in 2016, The Nice Guys features the incredible one-two punch of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as dual leads. Viewers can also look forward to performances by such stellar actors and actresses as Margaret Qualley, Keith David, and Kim Basinger.

Perhaps just as importantly for some cinephiles, it’s written and directed by none other than Shane Black, of Lethal Weapon and The Last Action Hero fame. 

A Private Eye And Professional Tough Guy

nice guys 2 ryan gosling

The Nice Guys follows Crowe as private eye Jackson Healey and Gosling as professional tough guy Holland March as they’re hired to track down a supposedly dead porn star in 1970s Los Angeles.

Naturally, this journey is full of twists and turns as the two dysfunctional protagonists bumble from problem to problem with the help of Holland’s daughter Holly.

Increasingly Absurd Situation

ryan gosling nice guys

The situations become increasingly absurd as the two bond from enemies to reluctant allies, to genuine companions in true buddy-cop fashion. 

While The Nice Guys earned over its budget in theaters, it was far from a hit when it was released in 2016.

However, word of mouth and Ryan Gosling’s rising star have caused the movie to become a sleeper hit, as it’s been discovered on streaming by fans of the actor and the genre.

Not An Immediate Success

nice guys

In much the same way smaller, overlooked action movies often found a second life in video rentals, The Nice Guys has been offered the chance to earn its place in people’s hearts thanks to streaming. 

While it wasn’t an immediate success in terms of audience or box office size, The Nice Guys was an immediate hit with critics. The movie has a whopping 91% on Rotten Tomatoes it had an immediate critical buzz that just didn’t translate to theatrical success.

No Sequel Coming

russell crowe nice guys

Rumors of a sequel or remake have swirled since the film was first released. But the underwhelming box office numbers make it unlikely. Though its post-theatrical popularity may make it a possibility. It’s not a sequel director Shane Black has announced a new movie that may satisfy fans.

While plenty of neo-noir films are being made today, The Nice Guys combination of neo-noir elements and the underserved buddy cop genre makes it stand out within the genre.

Unique Viewing Experience

nice guys

It straddles the line between feeding nostalgia and feeling fresh and new in a way most throwbacks to early genres fail to do. It’s truly a unique viewing experience that deserves the second chance streaming has given it.

Whether you’re a fan of neo-noir, buddy cop movies, Ryan Gosling, Russel Crowe, or Shane Black’s other movies The Nice Guys is worth your time.