The Experimental Movie On Netflix From The Best Sci-Fi Director

By Doug Norrie | Published

oat studios neil blomkamp
From ADAM: Episode 2 (The Mirror)

Prepare your neural circuits and power up your quantum processors, fellow sentient beings! Neil Blomkamp, the mastermind behind sci-fi epics like District 9, has an experimental sci-fi movie streaming on Netflix. Welcome to Oats Studios, a collection of tantalizing short films that promise to warp the very fabric of your understanding, challenge the limits of your imagination, and make your neurons tingle in delightful confusion.

Neil Blomkamp directs short experimental sci-fi films in Oat Studios streaming on Netflix

If you’ve ever daydreamed about the technological ballet of the distant future or pondered the ethereal dance of extraterrestrial life forms, strap in and set phasers to ‘mesmerized’. 

Ahem, attention all sci-fi enthusiasts and Neil Blomkamp aficionados! Ready your neural uplinks and adjust your retinal implants. For those unacquainted, Oats Studios isn’t your typical cinematic endeavor; it’s a realm of unbridled imagination, a place where every narrative corner is explored, no matter how wild or zany.

neil blomkamp
Sigourney Weaver in Rakka

From rampaging lizard-men wreaking havoc in desolate landscapes to a special kind of cooking show that’d make Gordon Ramsay raise an eyebrow (you’ll get it once you see it), there’s a flavor for every kind of geek palate.

Neil Blomkamp, the brain behind iconic films like District 9, essentially constructed a sandbox of cinematic experimentation with Oats Studios. Instead of one continuous narrative, we’re given a patchwork quilt of vignettes, each more daring and innovative than the last. 

One moment, you might be witnessing a heart-wrenching drama set amidst an alien occupation, and in the next, you’re plunged into a laugh-out-loud scenario with a twist on well-trodden tropes. Neil Blomkamp isn’t just playing in this sandbox; he’s overturning it, reshaping it, and occasionally setting it on fire – metaphorically, of course.

neil blomkamp
Lizard men in Rakka

Each of these stories, in their bite-sized brilliance, feels like a pitch for a blockbuster movie. The beauty of it all? You don’t have to wait years between sequels or deal with cliffhangers that’ll never get resolved. It’s like receiving the Blu-ray director’s cut, deleted scenes and all, right off the bat.

The short movies in Oat Studios include Rakka, Firebase, Cooking with Bill, and Adam: Episode 2 (The Mirror).

And if you’re anything like me, after devouring one, you’ll be raring to jump into the next, eager to see what crazy sci-fi concept Neil Blomkamp has dreamed up this time around.

Neil Blomkamp Shorts That Could Become Feature-Length Films

Could we ever see any of these short films expanded into full-length feature films? The short answer is, “Duh”. Neil Blomkamp’s vision and storytelling prowess have always teetered on the edge of expansive universes. His work in District 9 is a testament to how well he can flesh out a unique premise. The vignettes in Oats Studios are no different, offering tantalizing glimpses of worlds that beckon for deeper dives.

Take for instance “Firebase,” which revolves around a soldier in the Vietnam War who’s perceived to be a sort of demigod, causing reality itself to warp around him. The narrative is so rich with mystery, supernatural elements, and military action that it could easily be expanded into a 2-hour epic.

“Rakka,” another standout, presents a post-apocalyptic Earth dominated by lizard-like alien overlords. The human resistance, technology, and alien design are so detailed that the short feels like a trailer to a bigger blockbuster waiting in the wings.


“Zygote,” with its terrifying creature born from fused human workers in a mining facility, channels vibes reminiscent of “The Thing.” The suspense, horror, and world-building potential in this narrative could give Ridley Scott’s “Alien” franchise a run for its money.

In essence, while these shorts are brilliant in their bite-sized format, the depth of the lore, character design, and high-concept sci-fi musings in each one are ripe for expansion. Given the right resources and creative freedom, it wouldn’t be surprising if Neil Blomkamp or any ambitious filmmaker took one (or more) of these stories and turned it into the next big sci-fi sensation.

In the vast galaxy of streaming options, Neil Blomkamp’s Oats Studios stands out as a beacon for sci-fi enthusiasts. These ambitious shorts are a testament to Blomkamp’s brilliance and creativity.

If you’re yearning for a mind-bending journey through uncharted territories of the imagination, buckle up and hit play. The future of sci-fi might just be found in these captivating glimpses into Neil Blomkamp’s universe. Dive in and let your nerd flag fly high!