Creepiest NCIS Villains We’ll Never Forget

By Rick Gonzales | Updated

Over the duration of NCIS and its three spinoffs, the teams have been dealt some pretty serious and tough foes. They have seen it all, with some of the most notorious killers and criminals depicted on the small screen. Some of the worst NCIS villains have been the ones who have targeted the agents on the NCIS teams.

Let’s take a look at some of the creepiest NCIS villains the team has had to face and ones you will likely never forget.

Creepiest and Unforgettable NCIS Villains

10. Trent Kort

There is nothing worse than an agent working both sides of the aisle and that is exactly what Trent Kort does. Kort, played by David Dayan Fisher, is a CIA agent who has little trouble doing things the illegal way. Kort often finds himself on the opposite side of the law, many times choosing to tell lies to get what he needs.

He even mentions to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) at one point that “trust is elusive at best.” This is something that Kort takes to heart. Kort is cunning and ruthless, two things that led him to the loss of his left eye. If there is one thing that Kort is good at is playing both sides to further his own agenda.

9. Parsa

Karan Oberoi played terrorist Benham Parsa, who was the leader of The Brotherhood of Doubt, a terrorist group. Parsa was the known archenemy to Gibbs and ended up developing a major obsession with Special Agent Eleanor Bishop (Emily Wickersham).

Parsa is tech-savvy and highly skilled in his terrorist abilities, which makes him a significant threat to the NCIS crew.

8. The Calling

The Calling appeared in season 11 of NCIS and it wasn’t one person, but a terrorist organization. This group orchestrated numerous deadly attacks, keeping the NCIS team on their toes.

The Calling’s calling card, so to speak, was their ability to set off bombs, thus killing a number of bystanders. Eventually, it was discovered that the Calling’s leader was Daniel Budd, who made it his mission to recruit young children to follow his cause.

7. Kyle Boone

Kyle Boone was a notorious serial killer played by Christopher Shyer in season 3 of NCIS. Boone’s terrifying exploits claimed the lives of 20 women. Gibbs took on the task of bringing Boone to justice and he did, arresting Boone while finding the tongues of two females in his refrigerator. One of Boone’s victims was his own mother.

6. Harper Dearing


When we first meet Richard Schiff’s Harper Dearing in NCIS, he appears as an eccentric businessman who lost his son in a terrorist bomb attack. But as time goes on, we discover that Dearing is much more than that.

He is a domestic terrorist hell-bent on getting revenge against the Navy because of his son’s death. Dearing is able to do some major damage to the NCIS Headquarters by setting off a bomb, but his confrontation with Gibbs proves fatal for Dearing.

5. Mamoun Sharif


Mamoun Sharif was played by British actor Enzo Cilenti in season 4 of NCIS. His target was Gibbs and Sharif almost took Gibbs out by giving him a dose of nerve gas right before attempting to shoot Gibbs with his own weapon. Thankfully, Gibbs was tracked down by his girlfriend, Lt. Mann, who was able to put a bullet in Sharif before the terrorist could do further damage to Gibbs.

4. Michael Rivkin


Merik Tadros first appeared as Mossad agent Michael Rivkin in the sixth season premiere of NCIS. He becomes involved with Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) but Tony DiNozzo becomes suspicious of the man, especially since bodies begin to drop while he is in town.

Tony is finally able to track down the evidence needed to bring Rivkin in but there is no way he is going in without a fight. Rivkin’s eventual death puts Ziva and Tony at odds and keeps Ziva in Israel.

3. The Port-to-Port Killer


Jonas Cobb, also known as the Port-to-Port Killer, is one of the most ruthless serial killers to take on the NCIS. Cobb, played by Kerr Smith, pretty much dominated all of season 8 as he began a pattern of killing Navy personnel as they made it to dry dock.

His methodical and intelligent approach to his serial killings created a tidal wave of fear as he avoided capture time and again. Cobb’s ultimate motive was to take out revenge on those who were responsible for his failure to be part of a CIA assassination team under Operation Frankenstein.

2. Paloma Reynosa


Paloma Reynosa, played by Jacqueline Obradors, is the daughter of drug lord Pedro Hernandez. She is also the head of the Reynosa drug cartel and is one ruthless leader. When Paloma gets information that it was Gibbs who assassinated her father, she will stop at nothing to get her revenge.

When she finally faces Gibbs, she tells him it is not his death that she wants, but his life. She will spare the lives of Gibbs’ team provided he goes to work for her.

1. Ari Haswari


There is no doubt that Ari Haswari (Rudolf Martin) has been the creepiest and most deadly villain the NCIS team has had to face. Haswari is a former Mossad agent, one who is truly skilled at killing and one who is found out to be the leader of an Al-Qaeda cell operating in Washington, D.C.

Haswari and Gibbs are enemies and it is Haswari’s recurring presence in the series that makes for many tense moments. Haswari is directly responsible for killing Special Agent Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander) by shooting her through the head with his sniper rifle.

He does finally meet his end, though it isn’t Gibbs who brings him down, but Haswari’s half-sister, Ziva David.