Most Beautiful NCIS Agents

By Rick Gonzales | Published

Most Beautiful NCIS Agents

NCIS is a television franchise that first started in 2003. It began as one series that centered around criminal investigations involving the military. Since that time, the series, now in its 20th season, has expanded by three more NCIS series (Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Hawai’i) with the promise of an NCIS: Sydney as well.

Besides the good storytelling, another of its positive aspects is the beautiful NCIS agents. After the nearly one thousand total episodes the franchise has produced, there have been quite a few of these agents grace the small screen. Let’s take a look at 7 of the most beautiful agents on NCIS.

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette has been a part of NCIS since its inception in 2003. Prior to NCIS, Perrette’s character of Abby Sciuto was first introduced on the television series JAG. This came in a two-episode stint that served as a backdoor pilot for NCIS.

Sciuto was into Goth, had a very hyperactive demeanor, and was very enthusiastic about her line of work, which was a forensic scientist. But it was the combination of her entire persona that made her one of the most popular characters on television and contributed to her attractiveness.

Sasha Alexander

Beauty Sasha Alexander played Caitlin Todd for NCIS’s first two seasons. Alexander was brought onto the premiere of NCIS after the producers decided not to bring back Robyn Lively, who played Vivian Blackadder in the JAG backdoor pilot. Alexander made it through the first two seasons before deciding the shooting schedule was a bit too grueling for her. So, by her request, she was killed off the series by an assassin’s bullet.

Maria Bello

Maria Bello joined the cast of NCIS as Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane in season 15. Sloane is an operational psychologist who specializes in profiling. Bello’s run was not a long one, lasting 3 seasons. While never confirmed on screen, it was always assumed that she and Gibbs (Mark Harmon) had a thing going.

During her last episode where the team was in Afghanistan to rescue a kidnapped girl, Sloane decides that is where she needs to stay, sharing a long goodbye kiss with Gibbs.

Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo portrayed Ziva David, an ex-Israeli Mossad officer who turns into an NCIS agent. Ziva David’s character was the replacement for Caitlin Todd after she was assassinated. In fact, the assassination was carried out by double agent Ari Haswari, who was David’s half-brother.

It was a bullet from David who finally stopped Haswari and his murderous ways. Pablo lasted 15 seasons as David.

Jennifer Esposito

Jennifer Esposito is no stranger to police procedural dramas. She played Special Agent Alex Quinn for 2 seasons on NCIS, but she has also been seen in Blue Bloods, Law & Order: SVU, and New York Undercover. It wasn’t that the beautiful Esposito wanted off the show after 2 seasons, it was just that the producers wanted to go in a different direction.

Emily Wickersham

Emily Wickersham first appeared as Ellie Bishop in NCIS’s season 11. She was the data freak of the series, with a near-photographic memory that helps solve many crimes. She was first brought onto the NCIS team as a probationary position but was hired on to fill Ziva David’s spot. Wickersham has been seen in features such as Definitely, Maybe, Gone, and Glitch.

Lauren Holly

Lauren Holly joined the NCIS crew as their boss, director Jenny Shepard, in season 3. The beautiful Holly played Shepard for three seasons as not only the director of the team but also as a love interest for Gibbs as the two have a history. Holly is best known for playing Mary in the Jim Carrey comedy, Dumb and Dumber. She is also known for playing Linda Lee in the biographical feature film, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.