Michael Keaton Returning As Vulture In Secret Marvel Movie

As far as anyone knows, Michael Keaton shouldn't be filming anything for Marvel's Vulture right now. He let slip some big news during an interview.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Michael Keaton was over ten minutes into a recent interview when he said something he maybe shouldn’t have. He was discussing how excited he was to have roles at both DC and Marvel, and his experiences on those sets when he blurted his plans for the next day. “I’m shooting Vulture stuff,” Michael Keaton said. Jimmy Kimmel then asked what he was shooting exactly. As far as anyone knows, Michael Keaton shouldn’t be filming anything for Marvel’s Vulture right now. It then appears that Keaton is unsure of whether it was okay that he said that. In answer to what he’s shooting, he quickly replies, “Vulture stuff,” and then makes a show of covering his mouth in different ways. He does not name the title of whatever it is he is about to film. Oops?

You can see Michael Keaton talking about Vulture, Marvel, and DC below.

He does appear to be clear that he’s filming “Vulture stuff”, so we’re sticking with something for Marvel. The internet has been quick to offer up possibilities. Vulture, also known as Adrian Toomes, was the awesome villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Currently, there are no known projects where he should be filming “Vulture stuff”. Some have brought up the possibility of Morbius reshoots. Jared Leto’s upcoming film is happening with Sony, but with the Multiverse happening, the appearance of Vulture could certainly happen if everyone got on board. Another possibility fans have brought up is adding in a moment with Vulture for Spider-Man: No Way Home. The Tom Holland movie is of course coming out soon, but a post-credit scene could be a possible addition.

So far, no one from Marvel is answering what’s up with Michael Keaton’s upcoming role. Clearly, keeping Marvel’s secrets isn’t easy. A lot of celebrities have made these kinds of slip-ups in interviews. Recently, Bill Murray appeared to let slip his Ant-Man 3 plans. He named the director he’s set to be working with on his next project, and it’s none other than the director of Ant-Man 3. He’s attempted to walk those comments back, but not in a way that convinced audiences.

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Michael Keaton shared a lot about what it’s like for him working on characters like Marvel’s Vulture and DC’s Batman. He shared that he thinks Adrian Toomes/Vulture is a really cool character to play. He is excited that he is also returning as Batman for DC and that he has characters happening in Marvel and DC at the same time. However, he is scared someone will ask him to explain what’s happening in either world. He reports being on the set of Batman movies, nodding along as production explains the plot to him, and then asking when it is that Hulk shows up. He says it’s okay, he’s a quick study, but don’t ask him what’s happening in either cinematic universe.

Considering that Michael Keaton is playing Batman in The Flash, where there will be multiple Batmans, the Multiverse, and connected films, it’s maybe a little bit easier to understand how he could get so confused. Keeping the DC Extended Universe straight is going to get a lot more confusing as the movies go on.

This must be a particularly difficult struggle for the actor, since he isn’t just working to understand both cinematic universes, but keep their secrets as well. Marvel is particularly tough on its actors when it comes to what they’re allowed to say in interviews. With Michael Keaton struggling to understand both universes in the first place, understanding what he is and isn’t allowed to say on top of that is asking a lot. This may have been part of what led to the moment in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel where Michael Keaton blurts out that he is shooting the next day. It’s going to be interesting to see how long it takes before we learn what movie we’ll be seeing Michael Keaton’s Vulture in.