Star Trek’s Michael Dorn Teases A Return As Worf

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

Worf michael dorn

In Star Trek these days really anything is fair game when it comes to characters from the past. In fact, if at one point you played a character on any show in the franchise, you might be waiting for a call to get word you have a role in a new show now. That is just what seems to be the case with all things Star Trek. This is why it isn’t all that surprising to see actor Michael Dorn teasing the idea that he could be coming back to play Worf. The bigger question now is just when and where he’ll reprise the role. 

The news, as it were, about Michael Dorn possibly returning to Star Trek as his famous Worf character came via the actor’s Twitter account. Sure, it was cryptic but that’s how these things usually start, with just a nugget of information as we wait for the bigger news. This is what he posted on Monday: 

So where is Worf going to return? According to Trek Movie, it’s not going to be an upcoming show for Paramount+ so that would eliminate the most obvious choice that he would be coming back to be reunited with Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Picard. Considering those two have a long history it would have made sense for this to have been the project. But Picard, which is gearing up for Season 2, is bringing another acclaimed character back into the mix this season. That’s going to be John de Lancie’s Q who was teased with the most recent promotional trailer for the upcoming season. 

The other possibilities for Michael Dorn on Paramount+ could have taken less traditional, though no less exciting forms. Considering the timeline his characters fits in with, an appearance of some sort on Star Trek: Lower Decks could have been a funny possibility. We know William Riker is going to factor even more into this season with actor Jonathan Frakes reprising at least the voice portion of the role. Additionally, even Star Trek: Prodigy has found ways to incorporate other folks from the franchise with Kate Mulgrew reprising Kathryn Janeway though in a less-traditional hologram form. 

michael dorn

So these aren’t possibilities for Michael Dorn according to those sources. So what is that next step for his Worf character? The actor had been trying to get a show made, but that doesn’t seem like it is coming down the pike. It’s not totally clear though his original tweet did have the #ad hashtag which could imply a paid partnership of some sort. This might mean using his likeness in product promotion or possibly some kind of action figure. It will be interesting to see what he is teasing here with this latest Tweet but it might come back in a less than traditional form than just coming back on to a show that’s running in the Star Trek world right now. 

Michael Dorn played Worf in the Star Trek franchise starting in 1987 with The Next Generation. He lasted all seven seasons of that show and went on to reprise the role for four seasons in Deep Space Nine. When it was all said and done, he was the longest-tenured actor/ character in the Star Trek universe. It would be great to have the actor back in the role, it just isn’t clear which form that will take right now.