See Michael C. Hall Back In Action In Dexter: New Blood Trailer

Michael C. Hall is in the new trailer for Dexter: New Blood!

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

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Michael C. Hall is back as Dexter Morgan in the first trailer for the revival series Dexter: New Blood. On Thursday, Showtime released the first full-length trailer for Dexter: New Blood, which is set to premiere in November. In it, fans are given their first look at Michael C. Hall as his iconic Emmy-nominated serial killer character. However, Dexter (now going by Jim Lindsey) is a far cry from the man he used to be. 

Dexter: New Blood is set ten years after the events of the original show’s finale, which saw the character ride off on his boat in a Hurricane only to reemerge as a logger in Nebraska several months later. In Michael C. Hall’s return as Dexter, he’s made his way to the fictional town of Iron Lake, New York where he has fully embraced his new life as an unassuming employee of a sporting goods shop. He’s beloved around town and even has a relationship going with the local police chief. However, he can only hide from his dark compulsions for so long. 

When teens around town start going missing with evidence of foul play suspected, Dexter can’t help but realize that the perpetrator is the exact kind of person he would have relentlessly hunted in Miami, Florida to satisfy his murderous compulsion. The only problem is, Dexter Morgan is supposed to be dead, and Jim Lindsey doesn’t exact vigilante justice. As a result, the trailer sees him grapple with his foot in both worlds by way of Michael C. Hall’s on-screen sister, and real-life ex-wife, Debra (played by Jennifer Carpenter).

It was revealed in July that she would be returning despite meeting an unfortunate death in the finale. Now it seems from the trailer that, like their father Harry used to, she’ll be haunting Michael C. Hall’s character as a tether to his past and a conscience compelling him to learn from his past mistakes. 

As if his old life wasn’t doing enough to undo his new one, Michael C. Hall’s Dexter is visited at the end of the trailer by perhaps the biggest piece of evidence that he used to be a blood splatter analyst in Miami: his son Harrison. Fans of the show will remember that the boy was just a toddler when Dexter decided to go on the run. He left him in the care of his girlfriend at the time, Hannah McKay, who just so happened to also be a serial killer. It’s unclear exactly what Harrison will be like now that he’s found his dad after all these years, but given that he has a similar childhood trauma that birthed Dexter’s “dark passenger” as well as the company he was left in to be raised, odds are good he’s on the bad side of “well adjusted.” 

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, actor Jack Alcott noted that he hadn’t seen Dexter when he initially did a chemistry read with Michael C. Hall for the part of grown-up Harrison. However, he was told by producers that would actually be a boon for him as an actor given that Harrison wouldn’t be privy to any of the events of the show. 

While Harrison and Deb are essential bits of connective tissue in Dexter’s life, it will be sad not to see Michael C. Hall alongside other characters like Angel Batista, Joey Quinn or even Vince Masuka. Still, though, getting a chance to put a bookend to such a beloved series with such a notoriously fan-maligned ending may be worth tuning into the revival series’ skeleton crew (pun most definitely intended).