Dexter Returns To Showtime For New Series

Dexter will be back for one last run. Here's what we know.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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Dexter is back. The hit television series on Showtime will be returning for a limited series run of ten episodes. The current plan is to shoot all ten episodes sometime in early 2021 and to release the limited series in the fall of 2021. Series star Michael C. Hall and original showrunner Clyde Phillips are both slated to return for what could possibly act as the final season of the television series.

This should come as something of a relief to fans of Dexter. The series was immensely popular and well-received for its first four or five seasons, but it is widely accepted that the back half of the series suffered a significant dip in quality. This led to a series finale that is almost uniformly considered to be one of the most disappointing series finales in popular television history. With a new final season in the making, could the series end up redeeming itself in the eyes of fans?

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We certainly hope so. At its best, Dexter was a compelling and entertaining approach to the tired police procedural format, and it provided a truly twisted and complex look at a serial killer who thought he was doing the right thing. Eventually, the show devolved into the kind of lazy soap opera antics it had been so good at subverting during its earlier seasons. By the end, it was falling victim to the worst storytelling instincts and it left fans with the wrong sense of finality.

So, this new limited run of Dexter has a lot of work to do. Thankfully, Michael C. Hall and Clyde Phillips look to be deeply involved with the direction of this limited series. Whatever their take on this new potential ending for Dexter is, it was motivating enough to get a new season out of Showtime. It’s going to be interesting to see how different this new riff on the series is going to be, or if it will end up just feeling like a long-delayed season of the original series.

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The television landscape has changed so much since Dexter aired its final season back in 2013. What new stylistic elements and filmmaking can we expect from this limited series? And how much of the show will be picking up the pieces from the previous season? Or will this act as something more standalone? It is almost certain that this revival is going to have an incredible amount of scrutiny aimed in its direction. Whatever decision the story makes, we hope it is one that justifies a return to the world of Dexter Morgan.

Because Dexter deserves to be loved again. When it was firing on all cylinders, the show was one of the most enjoyable television series in recent memory. Hopefully, this limited series run can redeem the show’s legacy and give fans the closure they have been looking for. We also hope that production can begin without any complications or delays. Now that we know more Dexter is on the way, we cannot wait to see it.