Michael B. Jordan Reteams With His Best Director For Secret Movie

By Britta DeVore | Published

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The dream team is officially back together as Warner Bros. has won the rights for Ryan Coogler’s next feature-length film that sees him and frequent collaborator, Michael B. Jordan, back at it again. Coogler will not only direct the project but also penned the script and will produce it under his Proximity Media banner. 

Michael B. Jordan And Ryan Coogler Together Again

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This marks the fourth time the duo will work together in a director and leading star capacity having previously paired up for both movies in the Black Panther franchise, Creed, and Fruitvale Station. Behind the scenes, Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan have even more time together under their belts as Coogler served as an executive producer and story writer on Jordan’s Creed III in which the actor both starred and helmed.

With so many successes shared between the two of them, it was no wonder that Warner Bros. had to drop the big bucks and duke it out with other bigwig studios like Universal before they reigned victorious.

What We Know About The Secret Movie

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However, if you were hoping that all of this movement with the untitled film meant that plot details were on the way, you’d be sorely incorrect, as the film’s subject is still being kept under lock and key. Despite both Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler choosing to not reveal particulars, sources close to the production say that it’s going to be a period thriller that ties in with zombies – or some form of undead creatures. From anime influences to drawing inspiration from the Jim Crow-era South, the speculation has really been flying on this one so we can’t wait to hear what it’s actually about.

More Casting Info Coming Soon

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Beyond Michael B. Jordan leading the film, there also haven’t been any other casting announcements surrounding who else we can expect to see on the big screen in Ryan Coogler’s latest flick. At this point, sources are saying that the team is hoping to get cameras up and rolling in April, which would mean that over the next two or so months, more information will begin to bubble to the surface.

Coogler And Jordan Give The Project Their Undivided Attention

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Aside from this gig, neither Michael B. Jordan nor Ryan Coogler seem to have anything on their slate, which leads us to speculate that they’ve been committed to being at the drawing board here for a long time. We know that Jordan has a love for anime so, while Coogler penned the script, if it’s true that the untitled project takes some inspiration from the art form, it’s likely that the actor also poured some of his vision and knowledge into it. 

Bidding Wars

Now that other titles like Danny Boyle and Alex Garland’s 28 Years Later and Steven Soderbergh’s Black Bag have found their forever homes with Sony and Focus Features, respectively, the untitled Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler project rounds out an ongoing bidding war in Hollywood – at least for the time being. As we move toward the movie’s presumed starting date this spring, stay tuned for more information on the who, what, and when surrounding Warner Bros.’s latest big win.Source: The Hollywood Reporter