Merry Little Batman Trailer Gives Batman’s Son A Christmas Adventure Movie

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

If you are interested in a project from the Batman universe fit for the whole family—especially around the holidays—look no further than DC’s latest offering, Merry Little Batman.

A unique blend of superhero action and holiday cheer, the series is slated to debut on Prime Video on December 8. In the recently released trailer, you’ll see a glimpse of Christmas Eve in Gotham City, fit with the star of the upcoming show, Batman’s son, Damian Wayne. 

Merry Little Batman will stream on Amazon Prime Video

A thrilling and festive narrative awaits. Check it out.

The superhero father and his super-son will embark on twin adventures. On the one hand, the famous, bat-themed vigilante will preoccupy himself with, as usual, fighting the familiar villains.

On the other hand, young Damian will find himself navigating his quest for glory as the series progresses. This adventure at the heart of Merry Little Batman will excitingly include an unexpected turn: stumbling onto a dastardly scheme to steal Christmas. Damian must take on a hero’s role and save the day alongside Dad to save Christmas. 

Batman and Damian Wayne are trying to save Christmas in this new movie

Look forward to the ensemble of Batman’s notorious (and, let’s face it, beloved adversaries); we’re talking The Riddler, Joker, Bane, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze—the gangs all here, plus hinted at, yet-to-be-revealed iconic baddies to come.

The show’s star is exceedingly star-studded, with Luke Wilson voicing Batman, James Cromwell as Alfred, Yonas Kibreab as Damian Wayne, and David Hornsby as the Joker. 

merry little batman

Morgan Evans, known for his work on Teen Titans Go!, penned the script for Merry Little Batman alongside Jase Ricci. Patrick Stump—of Fall Out Boy fame—will thankfully offer the musical score, which we cannot wait for. Mike Roth, respected for his work on Regular Show, will serve as director. 

For their part, Amazon has revealed a keen interest in the Batman universe, having picked up Merry Little Batman in the same breadth as acquiring Batman: Caped Crusader and Bat-Family. 

Amazon has picked up Merry Little Batman as well as acquiring Batman: Caped Crusader and Bat-Family

The latter will serve as a follow-up to Merry Little Batman and is intended to delve into Damian’s journey as a member of a superhero family along with his father, faithful servant Aldred, and new denizens of Wayne Manor. Moreover, an adult version of Damian Wayne is expected to feature in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. 

The world was introduced to Batman in 1939 through his initial appearance in Detective Comics #27, the work of Babe Kane and Bill Finger. Depicted initially as a gritty vigilante, Batman owes his character and nearly anti-hero aesthetic to a tragic past: witnessing the murder of his parents in a Gotham City alley. The traumatic event motivates him to evolve into a symbol feared by the criminal underworld. 

merry little batman

It is almost unbelievable to think this origin story would one day eventuate a series like Merry Little Batman. But stranger things have happened. 

For instance, by the 1950s and 1960s, Batmen transformed from a dark, brooding vigilante to a more colorful and campy cultural goofball; this version of the superhero is most evident in the 1996 TV series.

But history repeats itself: by the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Dark Knight returned to his correspondingly dark roots—due for the most part to Frank Miller’s influential, era-defining works, The Dark Knight Returns, and Batman: Year One.