See The Massive Sets Used For The Boys Craziest Ever Scene

The Boys is certainly a show that is not afraid of adult themes and gore, and one of the craziest scenes shot used a massive set, which has images now.

By James Brizuela | Published

the boys

We live in a world that is dominated mostly by CGI and VFX, especially when it comes to portraying superheroes. However, The Boys decided to stick with practical effects when it came to arguably the craziest scene they have ever shot. The scene is quite grotesque in nature, so seeing the practical effects used in bringing this scene to life is that much more cringe worthy. These images are not NSFW, so take caution when looking at them. Also, this article contains heavy spoilers for The Boys Season 3. If you have not caught up, look away. You can see the images below:

For those who have not seen this episode of The Boys, it involves a superhero by the name of Termite, who can shrink and expand his body. Termite was at a party where he began to get intimate with another hero. He shrank himself down to ant size and jumped inside the other man’s penis. The ending result is Termite sneezing while inside and exploding the man into bits. This is the typical style of The Boys that includes massive amounts of gore and limbs. Also, when Billy Butcher and his crew find Termite, they use a giant bag of cocaine to cause him to have a heart attack. You can see the giant bag of powder used while on set. This is truly some insane practical effects.

The Boys just wrapped up its third season, which from the above images, was as wild as ever. Billy Butcher and his crew were brought on as part of a legitimate task force working for a department that keeps tabs on superheroes aka “supes.” This task force was on the job to capture Termite, and the resulting fight took place with a hero that could shrink himself down but have ridiculous strength still. Basically, Termite is a twisted version of Ant-Man from Marvel. However, Termite is clearly far more disturbed. Although Billy Butcher wants to take down Homelander, he settles his disputes by taking down smaller B-level heroes. However, Butcher is also given a gift that turns him into the thing that he hates: temporary usage of Compound-V.

The Boys has already been approved for a fourth season, and we wonder where the series will go next. Homelander and his son have now linked up, and Soldier Boy is safely tucked away again. Kimiko had her powers taken away but asked for them to be put back. Also, with the above revelation, Billy Butcher and Hughie experienced the superhero life for a moment. Even though the temporary Compound-V was going to kill them, they both might be enticed to become full-fledged superheroes.

The Boys using practical effects is amazing, and while the above scene is quite disturbing, it just goes to show why the series has become the best on Amazon Prime Video. We are not entirely sure when the next season will come out, but the hope is that the end of 2023 will see everyone’s favorite dysfunctional superhero series comes back sooner rather than later.