The Boys Season 4 Adds Two New Superheroes

By Nathan Kamal | Published

the boys season 4

The world of The Boys just keeps expanding in its deep dives into the history of its twisted version of superhero mythos and its ickier elements. It also keeps expanding in terms of cast size, and it seems that The Boys season 4 is adding two entirely new superheroes to the mix. Per Variety, The Boys season 4 will add a character named Firecracker (played by Valorie Curry) and another named Sister Sage (Susan Heyward). There are currently no details for what roles they will be playing in the upcoming batch of episodes of the shows, but it is safe to assume (given the general tone of the show) that they will either be dealing out horrible fates to people or having them dealt to them. 

Susan Heyward
Valorie Curry

Neither Firecracker nor Sister Sage are characters originating from The Boys comic series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. As completely original characters, The Boys season 4 could do pretty much anything with them, and showrunner Eric Kripke has already shown a lot of willingness to veer from the comics’ original storylines. For example, in the comics, the Seven character Black Noir was eventually revealed to be an insane clone of the Homelander created by Vought as a failsafe. In contrast, the Black Noir (portrayed by Nathan Mitchell) was a former member of a team led by Soldier Boy in the 1980s, horribly mutilated and rendered mute for decades. 

Given that most of the superpowered characters on The Boys are loose satires of existing comic book characters, it seems likely that Firecracker and Sister Sage will be analogs of some known heroes in The Boys season 4. Valorie Curry is already familiar with twisted superhero tropes, having starred on the earlier Amazon Prime Video series The Tick, and Susan Heyward starred on the OWN show Delilah until its cancelation earlier this year.

It is not known exactly what will happen in The Boys season 4, but things did not end in a generally good place at the end of season 3. After the revelation that the de-iced Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) was Homelander’s (Antony Starr) biological father, the increasingly unstable Homelander finally found his son Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) and managed to sway him to his side. This was made possible by William Butcher (Karl Urban) having aggressively rejected Ryan in order to try to keep him safe, which backfired in a big way. After a couple of unexpected alliances, Soldier Boy was defeated, Butcher is in critical condition, and Ryan appears poised to embrace his superhuman powers under the worst mentor ever. 

Along with the addition of Valorie Curry and Susan Heyward, Cameron Crovetti was promoted to a series regular for The Boys season 4. Presumably, this means Ryan will be playing a more active role in the gore and mayhem to come. The Boys is one of the most popular series on Amazon Prime Video and has begun to spin off new shows and projects, so it is likely that we could be seeing a whole lot more of these characters pretty soon.