Marvel Star Being Cancelled After Three-Way Kissing Photo Leaks?

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

taika waititi

These days it doesn’t take much for someone to start possibly getting canceled. Sometimes it’s warranted and other times the discussion ramps up because of possible nothing burgers. That could be the case with director Taika Waititi who last week was part of a paparazzi dustup when some *steamy* pictures leaked that caused a bit of studio hand wringing. The latest rumor has it that Disney has given him a firm talking to and that his gig with them and Marvel might be in just a little bit of jeopardy. 

The problems for Taika Waititi started last week when a paparazzi-shot photo started making the rounds. In the photo, he’s on his balcony with British singer-songwriter Rita Ora and Marvel colleague Tessa Thompson. It appears they are having a good time and in one of the pictures it looks like the three are getting intimate. Nothing more than a kiss is shown, but this led to something of a dustup about how Waititi was spending his off-hours and whether he was in an open relationship. Here are some of the photos that were leaked. 

It would mostly appear like this is much ado about nothing for Taika Waititi, but apparently, Disney didn’t see things that way. With a certain image they’ve curated over the decades, the studio didn’t seem to think that Waititi making out with people on his balcony, especially one of whom was a star in their own franchise, upheld the standards of decorum they’ve been going for. Waititi was spoken to by the studio, giving a reprimand for this, and likely told to keep it inside or something of the like. 

Will Taika Waititi be kicked out of the student for this picture being taken? Almost definitely not, but he’s certainly under a bit more scrutiny now. With a reputation to uphold, Disney and company aren’t trying to invite much or any controversy into their lives at this point. We’ve seen them take the cancel path with others. Though they’d likely hate to lose a talent like Waititi in the director’s chair, especially for the upcoming work they have planned for him, everyone has a breaking point. Likely, this isn’t it though. 

Taika Waititi What We Do in the Shadows

As for what Taika Waititi has going on for both Disney and Marvel studios right now, there are a couple of highly-anticipated movies coming down the pike for the director. The first is Thor: Love and Thunder which is gearing up to be a massive film, wrapping in a number of Marvel storylines, bringing back some blasts from Thor’s past, and even adding some A-listers to the cast. That’s still a ways off though, not scheduled for a release date until February 11th of next year. 

And in terms of Disney, Taika Waititi has also signed on to direct a Star Wars film as well. Details on this are light at the moment with the film firmly in pre-production standing as they work out the story. He’s directed a The Mandalorian episode in the past and even has a voice role on the show. With the stories outside of the sequel trilogy wrapped up, this is likely to be a standalone film in the universe. Now, he just needs to keep off his balcony long enough to get it made.