The Scariest Marvel Villain Was Discovered On Accident In A Comic Book Shop

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Quinton Boisclair, a star of FX’s Legion television series based on the character appearing in Marvel Comics, basically has every nerd’s dream origin story. Namely, the actor was working in a comic book store when a special effects team member on Legion realized that Quinton had the perfect body shape for the role of the Devil with the Yellow Eyes. However, Quinton didn’t only land the dream job of every nerd out there, but he also used his extensive knowledge to help makeup artists perfect the aesthetics of his character.

Quinton Boisclair, who played the Devil with Yellow Eyes in Legion, was discovered by crew members working in a comic book shop.

According to an interview with Deadline, Legion’s Todd Masters, Sarah Pickersgill, and Lori Sandnes discussed all the special effects they produced for the series, ranging from makeup to prosthetics. The most interesting part of the interview, however, is the account of how the team met Boisclair—by pure stroke of luck, apparently. As it turns out, one of the teams working on Marvel’s Legion television show discovered Boisclair in the comic book shop where Quinton was working and offered him a job.

It would seem that Boisclair’s physical build caught the special effects team’s attention; the actor is tall, roughly six-foot-ten, and very slender. This is great from the special effects perspective since it’s always easier to build onto somebody, so starting off with a smaller, or in this case, narrower, frame works best. This is particularly true when it comes to making creatures and monsters. Obviously, the makeup artists had a blast with Quinton in the chair, who was feeding them information about the character.

Known as the Devil with Yellow Eyes, the entity torments David Heller, the eponymous hero, one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Comics Universe.

This was a good thing because the makeup artists working on Quinton’s makeup and prosthetics basically had no idea about the background of his character, as well as the comic book, so his information and feedback proved valuable.

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Both Pickersgill and Sandness praised Quinton for his knowledge about Marvel’s Legion as well as his input and enthusiasm regarding the role. Not surprisingly, the nerd nation is known for its desire to embody their favorite characters. For some, that’s the sole reason for going to Comic-Con and cosplay conventions.

For those who aren’t acquainted with Legion, Quinton Boisclaire portrays a giant obese figure, seemingly male, with yellow eyes. Known as the Devil with Yellow Eyes, the entity torments David Heller, the eponymous hero, one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Comics Universe.

The entity revealed itself as the psychic parasite living in Legion’s mind, but by the series’ ending, we learn that it’s actually the Shadow King himself, the main antagonist of the series.

Legion In The MCU?

For all the MCU fans out there, the Legion is not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While both the series and the MCU feature Marvel Comics characters, they exist in separate and distinct universes within the television and movie media.

Thus, the series exists in its own narrative universe, which isn’t connected to the events and characters from the MCU. But hey, they added Deadpool to the MCU, perhaps one day, Legion might find his way there too.  

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