Four Obscure Marvel Characters Who Need To Be In The MCU

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Over the 80-odd years since Marvel Comics first took hold, they have presented their avid readers with a plethora of memorable Marvel characters: heroes and villains both. Conversely, a number of these heroes and villains have enjoyed a successful transition to blockbuster after blockbuster.

But we are now post Avengers: Endgame and Marvel’s Phase Five, if anything, has shown that too much of a good thing is simply just too much.

Let’s pretend for a moment that we aren’t experiencing cinematic superhero fatigue. Let’s also pretend that the latest batch of Marvel superhero films and TV series weren’t just “meh” and actually had us looking forward to what comes next.

Now, let’s pretend that Marvel decided to dig a bit deeper into their vast roster of superheroes and villains to bring us stories of Marvel characters who truly belong in the MCU.

There are obviously a number of Marvel characters that fans would love to see introduced in the MCU. We, too, have our “wish list” of four obscure Marvel characters who we’d love to see join the MCU. Give them a look-see and tell us what you think.

Four Obscure Marvel Characters Who Need To Be In The MCU


Okay, so technically Hercules has already been introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This came during the mid-credit scenes at the end of the underwhelming Thor: Love and Thunder.

Brett Goldstein checked in as the powerful Son of Zeus setting up what appears to be a battle between Hercules and the God of Thunder. We think.

Taika Waititi, who directed Goldstein in that post-credit scene, first confessed he had no idea that Hercules was even a part of Marvel. Once he was clued in on it, he said that Hercules’ appearance will eventually open up many things to come.

In the comics, Hercules and Thor are friends and often team up to take down the baddies. But the way Thor: Love and Thunder set him up, it looks like they may duke it out before eventually teaming up, provided Marvel chooses to go through with bringing Hercules on full-time.

Not only has Hercules lined up on the same side as Thor, but he has also fought alongside the rest of the Avengers as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy after debuting in the comics back in 1964.

It will be interesting to see what Marvel decides to do with Zeus’ son, but if any Marvel character deserves some time (more than just a mid-credit scene) it would be Hercules.

Amadeus Cho

Amadeus Cho, who also goes by the moniker Brawn, is another obscure Marvel character who is deserving of big-screen treatment. In fact, Cho takes on the Hulk persona and is often paired up with Hercules when fighting Marvel villains.

Cho, who is Korean American, gets his first name from his parents who loved Mozart’s music. He is young, a genius, and one of the smartest people on the planet. Unlike his Hulk counterpart, Bruce Banner, Cho accepts his fate as Hulk, even reveling in it, mainly because he also keeps his normal personality and his brains when he goes green.

It wouldn’t be difficult to see both Marvel characters Cho and Hercules on the big screen at the same time. They have had plenty of adventures together and have fought enough Marvel villains that coming up with a smart story for the two wouldn’t be a stretch.

Beta Ray Bill

marvel character

Beta Ray Bill is another obscure Marvel character who deserves some love on the big screen. Appearing first in the Mighty Thor comic in November 1983, he arrived on the page as an alien monster. But fans of the Thor comics were in for a surprise.

Beta Ray Bill ended up being a great hero and because of this, he became the very first non-Norse character to actually wield Thor’s famous hammer, Mjolnir. Of course, the two battled early on as to who was more worthy and who should possess it, but eventually, Beta Ray Bill was given a hammer of his own – Stormbreaker.

Thor would then fight side by side with Beta Ray Bill, taking their respective hammers to any villain whose path they crossed. Since teaming up with Thor 40 years ago, Beta Ray Bill continued to make sporadic appearances.

But Bill has always been an interesting character, especially given the fact that he was granted the ability to carry Thor’s hammer. It would be interesting to see the two team up once again, this time on the big screen.

Black Cat

spider-man black cat marvel character

If you want to make things interesting for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, then bring in Black Cat. Felicia Hardy is the Black Cat, the daughter of Walter Hardy, the renowned cat burglar. Felicia Hardy takes on the Black Cat persona after an assault by her ex-boyfriend. She trains in acrobatics and various fighting styles, so she never has to experience that pain again. She does have the power (a subconscious ability) to produce “bad luck” for her enemies by affecting probability fields.

When Black Cat first came to be, her Marvel character was intended to be one of the supervillains that would battle Spider-Man. As time went on, though, the two fell in love and she ended up fighting side-by-side with the web-slinger.

Eventually, though, Black Cat realized she only had eyes for the adventurous Spider-Man and had little interest in Peter Parker. Although the two eventually split, they remained friends and allies.

How fun would it be to have Felicia Hardy introduced in the next Spider-Man as a rival to MJ? The Marvel character Black Cat deserves some time on the big screen.

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