Mark Wahlberg Anticipated Sequel Is Written According To Star

By Britta DeVore | Published

Fans of the PlayStation game-turned-film, Uncharted are in for some great news as one of the film’s stars, Mark Wahlberg, has revealed that a script for Uncharted 2 has been penned and printed. The update came straight from the Ted star himself, in an interview with The Direct while on the promo trail for his upcoming movie, The Family Plan. While he couldn’t give any specific details away, there was one thing the actor confirmed – the return of his character’s iconic mustache.

Mark Walhberg’s Sully Mustache Is Ready To Return

During his chat with the outlet, Mark Wahlberg said that Uncharted 2 would absolutely “consist of me having a mustache,” pointing to the first film’s final moments that finally unveiled Sully’s facial hair in a post-credits scene. Revealing the pain-staking process of filling in that upper-lip hair, Wahlberg said that he was dedicated to the idea of having real facial hair for the film as he didn’t “have the confidence to pull [a fake mustache] off.”

The actor shared that the creative team did attempt to cut down time on the growth of his mustache by using showbiz tricks but that he wasn’t having it. “I feel ridiculous,” Wahlberg said of moments during which he tried the mouth wig, adding that he feels an appreciation for fellow actors who are able to work long hours in prosthetics and the like.

Uncharted Failed To Impress

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While many will be excited to hear about the second installation in what could become a franchise, even more are likely surprised that the Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg-led feature could be receiving a second installment. The first film, which came out in 2022, was a critical bomb despite being a top earner at the box office. Taking this into consideration, Mark Wahlberg revealed what would draw him back for Uncharted 2.

Mark Wahlbergs Conditions For A Return

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Despite a script being penned, Mark Wahlberg is understandably hesitant about growing out that facial hair and returning for another adventure. The actor said that he would “be open” to reprising his role for Uncharted 2 but that the team would need to be dedicated to “make it better than the first.” Rounding out his comments on the possible production, Wahlberg admitted to having the same knowledge that everyone else does about the project at this time. 

What Could Uncharted 2 Be About?

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The original film’s script was written by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, and Rafe Judkins, with their involvement in the could-be sequel as up in the air as Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland’s. As for where Uncharted 2 could take the film’s main characters, that’s also up in the air.Over more than a decade, a number of games – including spin-offs – have been released, charting Nathan Drake and Sully’s adventurous course. One thing we do know is that, just as the first movie was jam-packed with high-stakes moments and bursting with action, the sequel would do the same if not even more.

A Second Chance

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Despite those negative critics reviews, Sony Pictures would have more than enough reason to bring audiences another installment in the series as the first film crushed the box office, earning 407.1 million against its $120 million budget. Should Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg find space in their schedules and the desire to return to the high-octane adventures of Nathan and Sully, Uncharted 2 would be absolutely brimming with the possibility of being a better picture than the first.