Mark Ruffalo Is Getting A Big Fight In She-Hulk, See The Evidence

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

mark ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo isn’t done playing Bruce Banner quite yet and we could be getting more Hulk in the short term if the latest evidence tells us anything. While many of his Avengers cronies have been given their final story, or are at least heading that way, the Hulk character seems to be in relative limbo. But even if that’s the case on a high level, it looks like he will be mixing it up in some respect in an upcoming Disney+ series. The latest set photos from She-Hulk (via TheDirect) have Mark Ruffalo in the house and looking like he’s gearing up for another fight. 

While we don’t have actually images of Mark Ruffalo as Hulk from the series, we might be getting the next best thing. That’s because a recent tweet showed Ruffalo on set posing with a stunt performer for She-Hulk. This, in and of itself, wouldn’t be much. But a couple of other things stand out. Firstly, Ruffalo is in a motion-capture get up which would likely only be necessary if he was reprising his Hulk role. Regular old Bruce Banner doesn’t need any of the extra on-set hardware if he’s just playing the human version. Secondly, the stunt performer he’s posing with looks nearly identical to Jameela Jamil’s look on the show. She is playing the role of the villain Titania. Check out the evidence, such as it were, and tell me this doesn’t mean Mark Ruffalo is headed for a big clash as Hulk. 

It was known that Mark Ruffalo was going to have a role in She-Hulk. That part isn’t necessarily breaking news considering the Jessica Walters character (played in this series by Tatiana Maslany) is the niece of Bruce Banner. In the original comic book story, she was imbued with the Hulk-ness after a blood transfusion from her uncle. It’s not clear if that’s the origin story here, but having Ruffalo around makes sense at least. But it was speculated that we would only see Mark Ruffalo in his human/ Bruce Banner form, not getting a taste of the Hulk this time around. That isn’t going to be the case it would appear. 

Additionally, Mark Ruffalo posing with Jameela Jamil’s stunt double would point to a throw down with Titania at some point in the series. The latter originally appeared as part of the Secret Wars timeline in the comic books and has long been a rival of She-Hulk. It looks like this series will switch up her character’s origin story some considering she was originally “created” by Dr. Doom. That isn’t going to be the case (it doesn’t appear) but we do know that in the comics she had ridiculous Hulk-like strength. It could set the stage for a massive, maximum-damage fight if all three are involved. 

Of course, Mark Ruffalo as Hulk is the only original Avenger to not have his own solo movie and it isn’t likely to happen any time soon, or maybe ever. That’s because while he can appear in Marvel Cinematic Universe projects as a supporting character, Universal still owns the distribution rights to Hulk. Unlike the deal struck with Sony and Marvel around Spider-Man properties/ appearances, there seems to be no such movement on the part of Universal and Marvel to make this happen for His Greenness. We’ll have to settle for the times we do get him to appear, like this upcoming turn in She-Hulk. We are set to get She-Hulk on Disney+ sometime in 2022.