Mark Hamill To Return And Redo Luke Skywalker’s Death?

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

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Mark Hamill, to many fans’ delight, had a major role in the Star Wars sequel trilogy specifically in the second film, The Last Jedi. Though we were treated to a curmudgeonly version of Luke, having lived in solitude, he did ultimately become critical to the events in the film. But like many others, Mark Hamill may not have been all that happy with the events of that movie or The Rise of Skywalker. The recent rumor has it that Hamill would be open to something of a “do-over” when it came to his fate in these films. He’d willing to tell a different or expanded story to give Luke Skywalker a more fitting end

Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker technically died at the end of The Last Jedi when he had exerted every ounce of the force. It was an effort by him to create a distraction for Kylo Ren and company giving the last remaining rebels time to escape. For a movie moment, it did it’s job in culminating his story for the most part. Maybe it wasn’t the all-time best send off, though it at least felt within the character’s bounds. But considering the vitriol leveled at the final movie in the trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, Hamill may have felt the story ultimately gave his iconic character some short shrift. 

The rumors around Mark Hamill’s return come from YouTuber Doomcock. According to his sources, Disney+ would put out a series of shows that went into more detail around each of the three sequel trilogy movies, turning each into multi-episode arcs. This would be an ambitious undertaking and could help iron out some of the inconsistencies in those films. Though it does seem possibly easier and more intriguing to hit something like a rest button. 

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What seems to also be sparking Mark Hamill’s desire to jump back fully into the Star Wars universe was the overwhelming response to his appearance at the end of The Mandalorian’s second season. Because the timeline of that show exists after the events of The Return of the Jedi, the appearance still made sense and was why Hamill had some de-aging through CGI in order to get on screen looking “correct”. 

And this latest Mark Hamill rumor comes at a time when the Star Wars universe and franchise is at something of a crossroads. With so many fans and even those within LucasFilms apparently unhappy with how the sequel trilogy played out, there’s some speculation that Jon Favreau’s direction with The Mandalorian could change the narrative. That series and other shows in the pipeline (and there are a lot) could retcon the events of those movies and tell a totally new story. 

The way they could get around such a thing and bring Mark Hamill back into the fold with a new timeline would be through the use of the Veil of the Force. This is akin to Marvel’s multiverse in that it offers a chance for divergent story lines. 

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Whether Mark Hamill ever returns to give Luke Skywalker a proper ending remains to be seen. But with the current trajectory of the Disney+ shows there are so many ways to go. Will we see the studio double-down on the sequel trilogy and give it a longer and more detailed story? Or will we see an increased distancing from the sequel trilogy and a whole new story posited? There are so many ways to go, and maybe even a new ending for Luke Skywalker in the fold.