Magneto Being Held Back From Appearing In Upcoming Marvel Projects

By Zack Zagranis | Published

It’s no secret that when it comes to combating so-called superhero fatigue, Marvel has an X up their sleeve. Even the most cynical comic book fans are excited about the X-Men finally joining the Marvel universe. Sadly, if you were hoping to see Marvel’s Merry Mutants face off against their most famous frenemy, Magneto, when they make their official MCU debut, you’re out of luck. There’s a rumor floating around that Kevin Feige has plans for the “Master of Magnetism” that don’t involve the X-Men reboot.

The X account X-Men Updates recently claimed insider knowledge, which says that Feige allegedly wants to make a Brotherhood of Mutants film starring Magneto before throwing the anti-hero against his traditional foes.

Several recent Marvel projects have teased the “good guys” of the mutant world. Doctor Strange 2 featured a Professor X cameo with Patrick Stewart reprising the role, while The Marvels brought back Kelsey Grammer as the Beast in an after-credits scene. And while it doesn’t come out until next year, we know that several mutants are set to appear in Deadpool 3, including Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Meanwhile, the mutants that have traditionally fallen on the other side of the law: Magneto, Mystique, Apocalypse, etc, have been completely absent from the Marvel universe on screen. At least now we know they haven’t simply been forgotten about. While turning someone as purely evil as Thanos—in the comics, he slaughtered half the universe because he wanted to get into the personification of death’s pants—into a somewhat noble villain for the MCU was a bit of a stretch, giving Magneto and his band of misfit mutants their own movie makes sense because they aren’t villains in the strictest sense.

The Brotherhood of Mutants started out as The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants until the mustache-twirling version of Magneto envisioned by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the ’60s was turned into a sympathetic, tragic figure by Chris Claremont in the ’80s. It quickly became apparent that characters like Magneto and Mystique weren’t evil but rather, unlike Xavier’s X-Men, were willing to do evil things to protect Mutants from extinction at the hands of the humans who feared them.

Except for Sabretooth, of course. He’s a downright psychotic murderer with a genuine lust for blood. Any attempt to make him sympathetic is ill-advised at best.

So, if Feige has other plans for Magneto, who will the X-Men fight? Rumor has it that the mutant freedom fighters will square off against none other than Nathaniel Essex, AKA Mr. Sinister. This makes sense if Marvel wants the X-Men reboot to be a traditional good vs evil tale because they don’t get much worse than Mr. Sinister. He has almost zero redeeming qualities and more than lives up to his name, unlike the morally grey Magneto.

However, we think they’d be better off making the X-Men face off against the Avengers. Here’s how that could happen.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait quite a while for any of this as it looks like the Fantastic Four will be the first of the two previously Fox-owned properties to make it to the big screen. Hopefully, Feigie doesn’t end up giving the Magneto treatment to the FF’s archnemesis Dr. Doom. The Fantastic Four reboot needs Doom if Marvel hopes to make the franchise successful.