The Best Marvel Duo Is Never Getting Back Together On Screen

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Though the Loki series only premiered on Disney+ in 2021, the show has already cemented itself as a high watermark within the ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, producing one of the greatest cinematic duos of all time.

Loki And Mobius

loki season 2 owen wilson  Loki Mobius

The duo, composed of Tom Hiddleston’s eponymous trickster and Owen Wilson’s time-bending Mobius, have shared nearly every episode of the series’ 2 seasons together, resulting in a tearjerking tale which has gripped audiences from the beginning.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and according to a recent write-up in GamesRadar, the Loki and Mobius on-screen friendship is no exception.

End Of This Marvel Duo

Head writer of the Loki series, Eric Martin, confirmed during a recent interview that the Season 2 finale is the last time Marvel plans to place Loki and Mobius on screen together, concluding their shared time with a prolonged dialogue regarding the nature of sacrifice.

The finale, which aired on Disney+ last week, contained a deep and poignant conclusion to the series’ 12-episode run, resulting in Loki finally setting the timeline straight, preventing the implosion of the universe as we know it.

Before concluding his adventure, Loki time-slips back to the first time he encountered Mobius at the TVA, showcasing an interaction the audience has never seen before.

The Final Interaction

 Loki Mobius

According to the writers of the Disney+ series, this meeting was very important to fit into the finale, as the team knew going in this would be the final filmed interaction between Loki and Mobius.

Despite the two characters meeting on significantly converging paths, and sharing arguably very few fundamental views of the universe, the brief time they shared together on screen caused Hiddleston and Wilson to exhibit some of the most compelling relationships in the entire MCU.

No Coincidence

 Loki Mobius

Eric Martin has confirmed that the placement of this final goodbye was no coincidence, stating that the writers labored over a big Loki and Mobius ‘bro moment’ to conclude their shared arc in the finale.

Loki and Mobius formed one of the most unlikely bromances in the MCU, which has built entire years-long arcs over multiple film installments for such a purpose.

MCU’s Recent Run

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This serves as one of the main reasons why Loki continues to be hailed as a massive success for the MCU, despite recent lackluster outings such as Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, and The Marvels, which have left audiences wondering if the overall quality of the Disney-owned franchise is overdue for a steep decline.

Whether you’re a fan of comic book antics and super-powered twerking or not, audiences can all unanimously agree that art that explores the unflinching depths of the human experience will always rise to the top, allowing some insight into why the intense character study of Loki has gone over so well.

Rumored Returns?

For fans gripping their chest in agony at the thought of the Loki and Mobius friendship being over, don’t throw in the towel on the time-bending couple just yet.

Marvel has also famously announced final departures for other leading stars of the past such as Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Scarlett Johansson, though each of the three Avengers actors have been rumored to return for upcoming MCU projects.

All this is to say, never say never when it comes to a comic book franchise, as the studio may turn course and bring Mobius back for another outing in the future.

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