Lady Gaga Joining Wednesday Season 2?

Wednesday star Jenna Ortega would love to see Lady Gaga in the second season, but has no insider knowledge.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

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Wednesday star Jenna Ortega says she thinks Academy Award-winning singer/actress Lady Gaga would be a welcome addition to the recently announced second season of the show. In an Official Digital Pre-Show for Variety at the 80th Golden Globe Awards, the Scream star stated that fan suggestions that Lady Gaga join the show would be incredible and that “Netflix would love that.” Ortega did also state that she has no insider knowledge of what the second season will entail, so cannot shed any light on whether the singer will be appearing, saying “I have seen nothing and I know nothing. As the actor you’re told what to do. I’m waiting on it! I think they’re just starting to get a writers room together so we’ll see.”

The Lady Gaga/Wednesday connection is a curious one, with the two being linked via the unexpectedly viral “Wednesday Dance.” In the fourth episode of the massively popular Netflix show, Jenna Ortega performed an intricate dance routine (choreographed by the actress herself) during a Nevermore Academy school function. The original scene was soundtracked by a cover of the novelty song “Goo Goo Muck” by the Cramps, but TikTok users repurposed the scene with a remix of Lady Gaga’s 2011 song “Bloody Mary.” 

The resulting TikTok videos became massively popular online, with many users replicating the dance in their own videos. Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” entered the Billboard Hot 100 (at number 68) more than a decade after its release on the singer’s Born This Way album, proving both the staying power of her songwriting and the viral charm of Jenna Ortega busting out some weird dance moves. Lady Gaga herself released her own video of herself doing the Wednesday Dance, so we definitely know she is aware of it.

Although Lady Gaga is best known as a singer-songwriter (and the first woman to win an Academy Award, BAFTA, Golden Globe, and an Emmy in the same year), she has increasingly been making moves as an actress. In 2021, she starred with Adam Driver and Salma Hayek in the Ridley Scott film House of Gucci and will soon be appearing in Joker: Folie à Deux along with Joaquin Phoenix. As such, if Wednesday is ever going to get the singer of “Born This Way” to appear, now is a good time.

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The first season of Wednesday followed Jenna Ortega as the titular Addams Family member as she attends a private boarding school for magical weirdos and ends up investigating a series of murders. The supporting cast included former Addams Family star Christina Ricci, Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie, and National Treasure: Edge of History’s Catherine Zeta-Jones. The show was recently renewed by Netflix, after a surprisingly long delay in giving a massively popular show a second season.

Jenna Ortega says that if Lady Gaga were to appear in the show, it would be “two monsters who understand each other” and that she felt she could play a role similar to Christina Ricci’s Miss Thornhill in the second season. C’mon, Netflix, make it happen.