Jenna Ortega Makes Everyone Crack Up In Wednesday Blooper Reel 

Jenna Ortega makes her co-stars laugh in these outtakes.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

jenna ortega wednesday

Jenna Ortega has been having an amazing year. She was impressive in the latest installment of Scream as well as in Ti West’s X, but the biggest success for Jenna Ortega has been her starring role in Wednesday on Netflix. Now, a recent blooper reel from the show shows how good the young star is at cracking everyone up.

Some of the Jenna Ortega Wednesday bloopers had to do with the physical tasks the actor was assigned. For example, we see her flubbing the first attempt to get her bow and arrow ready. Other times, we see her awkward response to flubbing a line, including giving a sarcastic thumbs-up to the camera.

Perhaps the best Jenna Ortega Wednesday bloopers reveal scenes in danger from the beginning. A great example of this was a tense card ride scene between Wednesday and Ms. Weems (played by Gwendolyn Christie). All the intended tension was completely drained when the two women took one look at each other and Christie burst into laughter, causing Ortega to wryly look at the camera like Jim in The Office.

jenna ortega wednesday season 2

While it was real-life spooky gal Jenna Ortega that got the biggest laughs in these bloopers, her other Wednesday stars got their moments to shine. In one early scene between Gomez (played by Luis Guzmán) and Morticia Addams (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones), the two are meant to passionately sing to one another as an expression of their intense love. However, Zeta-Jones begins cracking up mid-note (to be fair, though, she might have been laughing at Guzmán’s hilarious singing).

Another scene involves fan-favorite character Enid Sinclair (played by Emma Myers), the bubbling blonde counterpoint to Jenna Ortega as Wednesday. In one scene, she is meant to show off TikTik-perfect dance moves before extending her claws toward her roommate. In the blooper, though, we see her alternate between flailing her arms and making funny hand motions (most likely in an attempt to make her costar laugh).

As we noted before, Wednesday caps off what has been an amazing year for Jenna Ortega. At only 20 years old, it’s already impressive that she has racked up such an awesome resume of unforgettable performances. And the fact that her big roles this year have always been in horror (or something horror-adjacent like Wednesday) has many fans saying that Ortega is this generation’s latest cinematic scream queen.

And as for the Netflix Wednesday show, it was unclear at first whether we were going to see Jenna Ortega return to play the title character once more. The show managed to generate a small mountain of buzz, and the online fandom has gone wild crafting memes for the show (most of which showcase the hilarious differences between brooding Wednesday and bubbly Enid), but that didn’t mean the beleaguered streamer was going to renew the show. But to the eternal delight of spooky fans around the world, Netflix recently announced that we will be getting a second season of this hit show.