Kristen Stewart Says Twilight Is Gay

By April Ryder | Published

The media and the public have been fascinated and obsessed with details surrounding Kristen Stewart (and her sexuality) ever since she was thrust into stardom after playing the role of Bella in the insanely popular Twilight series. 

Kristen Stewart’s Twilight Thoughts

During a recent Variety interview, Kristen Stewart spoke of Twilight saying that “It’s such a gay movie”.

After the matter of Stewart’s sexuality took the lead in the headlines some years back, Kristen officially squashed any questions on the matter when the actress openly came out during an opening monologue as host of the ever-popular Saturday Night Live in February of 2017. 

Taylor Lautner And Robert Pattinson

She was reminiscing about her past works, speaking about how all of her on-screen efforts had their own queer essence, especially Twilight, as she highlighted the various homo-friendly elements of the saga. 

“I mean, Jesus Christ, Taylor (Lautner) and Rob (Pattinson), and me … I mean, a Mormon woman wrote this book. It’s all about oppression, about wanting what’s going to destroy you. That’s a very Gothic, gay inclination that I love.” 

Didn’t See It At First

Twilight Eclipse Proposal kristen stewart

Though Kristen Stewart’s Twilight films, on the surface, are very heterosexual in nature, centering the spotlight on a young woman caught in a love triangle with two very different guys.

Sounds pretty hetero at first glance … but the undertones and implications of the various elements when they’re all played out do ooze a sense of homosexuality that’s inescapable. 

Stewart said that she didn’t see it at first herself, but as time passed, the stories of the three main players in the movie helped to “out” some of the underlying homosexuality of the trilogy.

Of course, Kristen Stewart meant no harm with her comments regarding Twilight, and she went on to talk about the things she loved about working on the movies. 

Kristen Stewart’s Work

kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart has done a lot with the fame she gained since her role as Bella in the Twilight Saga. Though she had already worked on several film projects before Twilight boosted public awareness of her talents, she has since worked on more than 27 different film projects, with three more set for release this year. 

Making More Movies

smoking kristen stewart

Love Lies Bleeding, a romantic thriller directed by Rose Glass (a co-production of A24 and Film4) is next on the list of Stewart films to be released.

Then Love Me is an upcoming post-apocalyptic romance movie written and directed by Sam and Andy Zuchero. Finally, Kristen Stewart, far removed from her Twilight days, is currently filming a comedy road trip movie called Sacramento also starring Michael Cera. 

Kristen Stewart’s Future

kristen stewart

It’s refreshing for some to see that Kristen Stewart used her immense rise to fame (via the Twilight rage) as a platform to bring more indie films to light.

She only does movies she’s passionate about these days, and the quirky nature of her art is still extremely appealing and stimulating to many. 

She’s a cerebral sort of artist who wants her work on screen to mean something rather than just serve as a pop culture phenomenon, and she’s taking all the necessary steps to achieve that goal.

Cheers to another hardworking, multitalented, multifaceted Hollywood personality standing up for the differences in us all through her art, through her vision, and through her platform.

Source: Variety