Kit Harington’s Larger Role In The Marvel Universe Revealed?

By Cristina Alexander | 3 weeks ago

kit harrington

Kit Harington watched over the Northern Wall of Westeros and made love to the Daenerys Targaryen as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Now the medieval heartthrob has traded his signature fur coat for a cape as the Black Knight in Marvel’s Eternals. What role could he possibly play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future? It looks like there are much bigger things in store here.

In an interview with SlashFilm, Kit Harington wasn’t at liberty to share what’s really in store for the Black Knight, so he tried his best to explain it without giving away too much information. “I know who he’s meant to be, and the person that you reference, but really in this, like we’ve discussed, he’s the human side of the story and anything beyond this is hopefully coming,” he said. “I do think that this is the intro to the character. This is why I took the role, because it’s an introduction to a larger story, hopefully. But right now I’m in this movie, it may go nowhere.”

In Eternals, Kit Harington plays Dana Whitman, who becomes the Black Knight in the comics and the third Marvel character to take on the name. This was after his uncle, Nathan Garrett, confessed to a life of crime and spoke of his final wish for him to restore the Black Knight legacy following a fatal battle with Iron Man. This happened in Avengers #47 in 1967. He didn’t take up the cursed Ebony Blade until Doctor Strange #68-69 in 1984; a single drop of blood, even just a tiny, microscopic bit of it, will turn him into the same metal the blade was forged from.

Kit Harington doesn’t seem to know or isn’t letting on about what the Black Knight will do in Eternals 2. Or elsewhere in the MCU, for that matter. What’s more, he’s technically not an Eternal, although he did fall in love with one. In the comics, the Black Knight was caught in a love triangle between two of his teammates within the Avengers, the Inhuman, Crystal, and the Eternal, Sersi (a homophone of Cersei, played by Kit Harington’s co-star Lena Headey). He fell in love with Crystal, Quicksilver’s estranged wife, but at the same time, he was strongly attracted to Sersi. She was a mentally unstable Eternal who was already madly in love with Dane, to begin with and forced him to mentally bond with her.

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When the Proctor, Dane’s counterpart from another dimension, attacked the Avengers, he was determined to kill Sersi for everything her counterpart had done to him, including bonding his mind to hers. Once the Black Knight defeated the Proctor, he accompanied Sersi to her exile in another dimension as her worsening mental instability rendered her too dangerous to remain on Earth.

While Sersi tried to improve her mental health, the Black Knight ventured to other dimensions, spending his time with another superhero team called Ultraforce, eventually becoming its leader. Upon their return to modern-day Earth, he decided to break up with Sersi. He went on to meet the Lady of the Lake of Arthurian legend, who gave him a new winged steed and magical weapons to fight evil in the name of Avalon, where he was allied during his time in the 12th century.

No one knows whether all the things the Black Knight has done in the comics universe and more will be featured in the MCU and the possible Eternals sequel. There’s plenty of room for more stories here in the upcoming years for Marvel. You can catch Marvel’s Eternals in theaters on November 5th.