Keegan-Michael Key Working On A Hilarious Meta Reboot Series

Keegan-Michael Key stars as Reed Sterling, a member of the original cast who blames the show for ruining his career.

By Carolyn Jenkins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Check the news on any day and you will find entertainment in the grips of reboot fever. Many cult television shows are getting a second life thanks to fan outcry. Reboots have often been in the cultural zeitgeist, but it truly seems to have picked up in recent years. One of the bigger contributions was the follow-up to Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life came to be specifically due to suggestions from the audience, though it was not 100% successful in the end. This set a precedent, for better or for worse. Even beloved shows with the best ending seem to be rebooted. Fans could now demand to bring back shows for a myriad of reasons. This phenomenon is the source for Keegan-Michael Key’s new comedy series.

The show is accurately entitled Reboot and centers around a fictional television series from the early aughts that is getting its own reboot. This idea taps into how prevalent reboot culture is right now with a humorous spin. Conflict ensues when old castmates must come back together and pick at old wounds (via Collider). Keegan-Michael Key stars as Reed Sterling, a member of the original cast who blames the show for ruining his career. Other cast members include Judy Greer, Johnny Knoxville, and Rachel Bloom, all whom have had experience with comedy in the past.  

keegan-michael key

All in all, this seems to be a promising concept. Casting Keegan-Michael Key seems like a no-brainer. The casting is not the only element that the new show has working for it. Reboot is from the hilarious mind of Steve Levitan who created Modern Family which had an impressive run of 11 seasons (via The Hollywood Reporter). Modern Family bid farewell a couple of years ago, but now Levitan is back with the series for Hulu. In a statement, Levitan acknowledged the reasoning behind the new show. “After working thirty years in TV comedy, this is both my love letter to sitcoms and, if I’m being honest, much-needed therapy.” Hulu also released a statement that they are happy to have Levitan aboard and are pleased with his track record in comedy.

Hulu has recently had a promising track record with comedies. Steve Martin has remained relevant with his new show Only Murders In the Building. The show has impressed fans and has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. Reboot has stiff competition with these acclaimed shows, but Keegan-Michael Key should be up to the task. He is most recognized for co-creating the sketch comedy eponymous show Key & Peele

Though the series has since ended, Keegan-Michael Key has been busy. The actor has had a prolific career with an overwhelming amount of credits. He has lent his voice to Rick & Morty and teamed up again with friend and horror writer Jordan Peele for the film Keanu. The entertaining film revolves around a pair of friends who go on an odyssey to reclaim their lost kitten named Keanu. Fans will have to wait somewhat to see Michael Key in Reboot as production has just begun. Once it is released, viewers can catch Reboot when it streams on Hulu.