Michael C. Hall’s Best Show Is Getting A Reboot

By Douglas Helm | 11 seconds ago

michael c. hall

Fans of actor Michael C. Hall likely know him from his hugely popular turn as serial-killer/vigilante Dexter Morgan in the Showtime series Dexter. But, if you haven’t seen him as David Fisher in the early 2000s HBO series Six Feet Under, you’re missing out on one of his best roles. If you already love the series, you’re in luck. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it looks like HBO is gearing up for a reboot.

As of now, we don’t know a ton about the Six Feet Under reboot. What we do know is that Alan Ball is back as an executive producer, along with Bob Greenblatt and David Janollari. Currently, there isn’t a writer attached. We are still in the very early stages here so there are a number of things to iron out. Also, HBO is remaining mum about what the series might look like. There’s no word on if original stars like Michael C. Hall are returning, if the series will continue the story, or if it will be a complete remake.

Six Feet Under depicted a family that runs the Fisher & Sons Funeral Home in Los Angeles. So, Michael C. Hall was in a series squarely centered around death even before Dexter, but at least he wasn’t making the bodies this time. Six Feet Under was a dark comedy that also featured Peter Krause, Frances Conroy, Lauren Ambrose, and Freddy Rodriguez. Peter Krause starred as a reluctant son who joins the family business after his father dies. The series was created and produced by Alan Ball. It also nabbed an impressive nine Emmys during its five-season run.

michael c hall six feet under

With the series ending on a high note and having a finale that was considered widely satisfactory by fans, there’s a chance the creators won’t want to retread old ground. They could go in the direction of featuring a new funeral home with a new family, so fans of the original characters depicted by Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall, and the rest of the cast might be disappointed. Then again, they might be happy that their favorite characters are being left alone in favor of a fresh story. Of course, as Alan Ball’s brainchild, he probably wouldn’t be entertaining a reboot if he didn’t have a good idea.

In the meantime, if you’re a fan of Alan Ball or Michael C Hall’s work, you have plenty to look forward to. Alan Ball’s other big HBO series, True Blood, is also getting a new series and currently has a little more traction than the Six Feet Under reboot. The True Blood reboot has a writer attached to create the pilot, so there’s a better chance that the series could move forward.

Michael C. Hall is also deep in the reboot-zone with Dexter: New Blood currently airing new episodes on Showtime. Dexter ended on a decidedly less satisfactory note than Six Feet Under, so this is your chance to revisit the Dexter universe if you were left cold by the series finale. If you’re wanting to get the best of both Michael C. Hall and Alan Ball, you can watch all of the original Six Feet Under on HBO Max.