A Forgotten Kate Hudson Movie Is Climbing The Charts On Netflix

A decade old Kate Hudson movie is burning up the charts on Netfflix!

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Kate Hudson’s break from acting ended this year with the almost universally despised Music, the much more successful Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon, and her casting in the new season of Apple TV’s drama Truth Be Told. Now, Kate Hudson’s forgotten 10-year-old film Something Borrowed is making a huge splash on Netflix. The romantic comedy broke in to the streaming service’s top 10 chart and stayed there for 21 consecutive days.

Based on the 2004 novel of the same name by Emily Giffin, Something Borrowed is a tale of love and betrayal. Then more love, more betrayal, more love, more betrayal, etc. What begins as a love triangle soon becomes a love square, a love pentagon (the shape, not the building), and even threatens at the end to become an extremely confusing love hexagon.

While the two biggest stars in the production are doubtless Kate Hudson as the free spirited Darcy and John Krasinski as the torch-bearing Ethan, much of the story revolves around the forbidden love of Darcy’s best friend Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) and her fiancée Dex (Colin Egglesfield). The night of Darcy’s birthday party, Rachel and Dex impulsively sleep together. We soon learn passion has been brewing between the two for years.

A flashback shows us that back in law school, Rachel and Dex came close to becoming a couple. The pair circle each other until one night Darcy shows up and embarrasses Rachel with jokes about her and Dex. Rachel crushes Dex’s hopes by saying they’re just friends, and Darcy moves in for the “kill.”

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Back in the present day, Rachel’s friend and confidante Ethan is tired of her not coming clean about how she feels about Dex and what happened between them. He can’t stand Kate Hudson’s overbearing Darcy, who he sees as an abusive and manipulative friend. Tired of the futility of pushing Rachel, Ethan nearly spills the beans himself while they’re all playing badminton, but Rachel stops him by hitting him with her racket.

Rachel and Dex engage in a full blown affair and have the bad luck of running into Dex’s parents while Darcy is out of town. Recognizing exactly what’s going on, Dex’s father (Geoff Pierson) warns him to break things off. He reminds his son that the upcoming nuptials are the only thing keeping his depressed mother (Jill Eikenberry) afloat, and that he has a responsibility to do what’s right. Not long after, when Rachel begs Dex to call off the wedding so they can be a couple, he refuses.

Not long before the wedding, Rachel goes to London to visit Ethan who has moved there for work. Finally, Ethan comes clean and admits that he’s in love with Rachel though he knows she doesn’t feel the same. It won’t be the last time the story makes a stop in London.

When Rachel returns to New York City just in time — she thinks — for the wedding, things turn upside down. Dex is waiting for her at her apartment when and reveals he called off the wedding so they could be together. Things look like they’re in “happily ever after” territory but one more dark turn arrives along with Kate Hudson’s Darcy. While Dex hides from his now ex-fiancée, Darcy reveals that for the entire length of the movie she’s been cheating on Dex with Marcus (Steve Howey) and she’s now carrying his baby. Things predictably explode into screams and tears when Rachel discovers Dex’s presence.

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The movie ends months later with Rachel and Darcy running into each other. While it’s clear their once close friendship is over, the two seem to find some kind of peace with one another, and we find out out Rachel and Dex are still together. But that isn’t the end of the story. Something Borrowed takes a cue from the Marvel Cinematic Universe — which was still relatively young in 2011 — and gives us a mid-credits scene. Kate Hudson’s Darcy arrives in London to surprise John Krasinski’s Ethan. He turns and flees from her as soon as he sees her and when the screen goes to black, we’re told the story will be continued.

Something Borrowed never was continued, however, and the reasons aren’t mysterious. Critics couldn’t stand the film, as evidenced by its embarrassing 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences didn’t like it much better, apparently. With a $35 million budget, Something Borrowed grossed $65 million worldwide and failed to deliver a profit. As late as 2016, novelist Emily Giffin was claiming she’d written a script for a sequel based on her 2005 follow up novel Something Blue, but so far on the big screen Something Borrowed remains the only entry of her Darcy & Rachel series.