Karl Urban To Become The Villain Of The Boys Season 3?

Karl Urban was recently interviewed about the upcoming season of The Boys, and he revealed some information about Billy Butcher getting his powers.

By James Brizuela | Published

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The Boys Season 3 is easily one of the most anticipated series making its comeback soon, and fans cannot wait to see what crazy action follows. The show is based on the comics of the same name and offers up some of the bloodiest and craziest moments on television. For instance, Billy Butcher, Mothers Milk, and Hughie crashed a boat into a whale during season two. You can imagine the carnage that was caused by doing so. With the upcoming season, fans are eagerly waiting as there are plenty of teases as to Billy Butcher getting powers. During a recent interview, Karl Urban revealed the choices that Butcher now faces with getting powers. According to the actor, “That’s the dilemma: does Butcher become a superhero or a supervillain?” He added, “In order to defeat the monster, do you become the monster? And I think that’s one of the cool things about this season is every character is faced with that choice. How far are they willing to go?”

That is certainly a good question posed, as everyone knows Homelander is one of the most vicious “heroes” that has ever been shown in live action. The truth is, he is not much of a hero at all. He paints himself as the pseudo-Superman, but he is a bloodthirsty murderer who will stop at nothing to get whatever he wants. That was the amalgamation of season two of The Boys, and now it seems as if Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and the gang will need to step their game up to stop Homelander and whatever other superheroes come after them for exposing Vought. Seems as if Butcher will go against everything that he hates (“supes” as he calls them) by becoming a supe himself. Fight fire with fire, and all that.

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All the stakes seem to be raised for everyone involved in The Boys. While the gang was certainly successful in exposing Vought for essentially experimenting on humans and turning them into superheroes, this could mean that more supes can and will be created. Or it could mean that all supes will now be hunting Billy Butcher and the gang for messing with their lives. Karl Urban getting superpowers as the somewhat equally murderous Billy Butcher is certainly going to be interesting as well. He is hellbent on stopping superheroes, but how can he truly stop Homelander and anyone else? By becoming a supe himself. It has been rumored that Butcher’s powers will include laser eye vision and super strength. While these are clearly obvious superpowers, they also mimic Homelander’s powers, so it could mean that Butcher and Homelander will go toe to toe in this upcoming season of The Boys.

Karl Urban is one of the best-casted live-action iterations of a comic-based property. His portrayal of Billy Butcher has been amazing thus far. Should Butcher start to lean more towards becoming a supervillain with powers, things will get that much more interesting. Becoming who he hates is already something that might not sit well with Frenchie, Mothers Milk, and Hughie. We will all have to wait and see what happens when The Boys Season 3 premieres on Amazon Prime on June 3rd. Expect more carnage to come when Butcher finally gets his own powers.