See The Boys’ Karl Urban As The Next Batman?

Karl Urban has been the talk of the comic book town ever since the trailer for Amazon's The Boys season three was released.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

karl urban

Karl Urban has been the talk of the comic book town ever since the trailer for Amazon’s The Boys season three was released. However, how would the Billy Butcher star fare as another comic-book legend? As reported by, the actor pondered whether he suited the Batmobile, when posing next to the machine at SXSW. Would he make a suitable Batman?

Karl Urban was in attendance at SXSW last month in order to mark the release of The Boys season three trailer which was premiering at the event. The Batmobile from Matt Reeves’ The Batman was also in attendance and Urban jumped at the chance to pose alongside the magnificent machine, much like his new The Boys co-star Jensen Ackles. The image can be seen below. 

Karl Urban’s popularity among the comic book community is evident and started several years ago with his much-loved appearance in the cult hit Dredd. Now, he is a fan favourite in The Boys and fans will be clamouring to see his return as Billy Butcher when the new season premiers on the 3rd of June. The actor is no stranger to big franchise stardom either as he has starred in three Star Trek reboot movies as Doctor ‘Bones’ McCoy and looks set to return for the fourth installment in the franchise. The sum of these parts equals that Karl Urban has all the necessary ingredients to take on the role of Batman. The only problem is there isn’t a job opening, at least that we know of. Yet.

Karl Urban’s Batmobile pic will serve as a tease for many fans who have campaigned for him to take on the role of Batman. Some fans have even gone as far as to envisage how Urban would look in costume as The Dark Knight. While Urban may be well suited to the role, it is clear that this is merely fantasy as Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton have a three-way stranglehold on the character at the moment. Even for the ever-complicated DC Cinematic Universe, Warner Bros would be hard-pressed to add another Batman into the mix. 

However, when it comes to Karl Urban’s new The Boys co-star Jensen Ackles, playing Batman is a very different story. Ackles was also at the SXSW event and he also posted an Instagram picture next to the latest Batmobile. In Karl Urban’s Batmobile post, he tags Ackles and asks, ‘who wore it better?’ However, whereas Karl Urban’s Batman is a mere fan-casting dream, Ackles can lay claim to being the Dark Knight. Following the likes of the legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy, last year Jensen Ackles lent his voice to the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in parts one and two of the Warner Bros animation Batman: The Long Halloween. 

It looks like a Batman casting is off the table for Karl Urban, at least for now, but like Jensen Ackles, he is set to take his acting talents to the world of animation. As well as appearing in the hotly anticipated season three of The Boys, Urban will be starring in voice form in Netflix’s animated feature The Sea Beast, as well as Ark: The Animated series. Both projects will be released in 2022.