A New Johnny Depp Series Is Coming To Streaming

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

johnny depp streaming

Johnny Depp has become something of persona non grata in Hollywood over the last couple of years following a messy divorce and court proceedings that shone some unflattering light on the actor. Since then he’s been let go from major franchises, lost roles, and is still mired in lawsuits that could last some time. But on the working front, things might be starting to turn around. While it won’t be in a live-action role, Depp has an animated series coming to streaming that will have him voicing the lead character. 

Variety has it that the Johnny Depp series Puffins Impossible is getting underway with its production and will be a spin-off of the short-form series Puffins which Depp also took part in. He voices the character of Johnny Puff, one of the titular arctic birds and the series follows his adventures. The series will consist of 18 episodes in all and once completed will be available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video. The extension of the story will have a superhero theme to it as well. According to the log lines, Puffins Impossible focuses on what happens to Johnny Puff, Didi, Tic, and Tac after a meteor crash-lands on Earth, giving them superpowers. They will become the heroes Tactick, Didi Damage, Megapie, and Mystic respectively. That’s right, we are about to get bird superheroes with Johnny Depp leading the charge. 

There currently isn’t a set timeline on when we will get Johnny Depp as Johnny Puff in Puffins Impossible, but the production is currently underway in Serbia. Interestingly enough, the producers for Puffin Impossible, Iervolino and Lady Bacardi Entertainment also worked with Johnny Depp in one of his latest movies, Minamata which featured the actor as iconic photographer Eugene Smith. That production company worked distribution for the flick, so there is a relationship there. It’s likely why they were willing to bring the embattled actor on to have a role in this latest series. 

Again, it’s been a tough run for Johnny Depp over the last few years. Following his divorce to Amber Heard, the actor ended up suing the British tabloid The Sun for libel and defamation after the latter accused Depp of being a “wife-beater”. In the course of the legal proceedings, The Sun felt the need to back up their claim and a number of disturbing allegations surfaced regarding Depp and Heard’s time together. In the end, Depp lost the case and he was quickly dismissed from roles in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them franchise as well as Pirates of the Caribbean. There were even accusations that Minamata was being buried by the studio because of Depp’s involvement. 

Johnny Depp also has another lawsuit he’s filed against Amber Heard in Virginia set to move forward as well. This one stems from an op-ed piece posted by Heard in the Washington Post that made claims of abuse in previous relationships. While Depp isn’t named in the piece, speculation has it that she is referring to him. Hence the lawsuit. That is still pending with the thought that it would go into court sometime this year.