Amber Heard Allegedly Fighting To Keep Johnny Depp From Talking About Aquaman 2

Why doesn't she want him to say anything?

By Michileen Martin | Published

amber heard

Amber Heard allegedly doesn’t want her ex-husband Johnny Depp to talk about Aquaman 2 — aka Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom — in any legal proceedings, nor does she want to be required to answer questions about the film in those same proceedings. Bits and pieces of supposedly leaked court documents from Depp’s almost three year old defamation lawsuit against Heard are surfacing on Twitter. If they’re the genuine article, then Heard may have tried to stop any mention of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom from taking place in the ongoing legal proceedings.

Twitter users are posting the documents in snippets, so it’s quite possible everything is being framed out of context. If authentic, it seems the documents come from Depp’s legal team who seem to be responding to Warner Bros’ alleged attempt to avoid a subpoena for a deposition. One example in particular suggests that Amber Heard may have tried to get Depp and his legal team to agree to keep Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom out of the courtroom, and Depp completely rejected the idea. You can see that tweet and the attached alleged court document below, from a user who clearly has chosen a side.

The document reads, “However, Ms. Heard’s proposed stipulation included conditions that were entirely unacceptable to Mr. Depp, including an agreement that neither party could even mention Aquaman 2 at trial…” the sentence continues but is redcated before ending. So why would Amber Heard want Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom taken out of discussion in the proceedings? Well, again (and it can’t be said enough) if these documents are genuine, then pages from another tweet may shed light on that. Among other things, they allegedly list documentation requests and questions Depp’s legal team proposed to ask Warner Bros. employees in their deposition. You can see a tweet with the attached pages below.

Among other things, the alleged listed requests from Depp’s legal team include Warner Bros provide any information on whether or not there had been discussion to fire Amber Heard from Aquaaman and the Lost Kingdom, any documented communications of such discussions, and any documentation of negotiations between Heard and/or her agents and the studio. Perhaps the potentially most revealing part of the alleged court documents comes under the heading “Request No. 15.” Under this heading, the document’s writer claims that Warner Bros sent a letter to the legal teams of both Depp and Heard claiming that there were “creative concerns in continuing to cast Heard in the role of Mera for Aquaman 2.”

Last July, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom producer Peter Safran told Deadline there was never any consideration that Amber Heard would be fired from the film because of the controversy between her and her ex-husband. If the leaked documents are to be believed, then it may be that Johnny Depp is attempting to establish that Safran’s claim wasn’t the entire truth. He may be trying to prove that there was discussion to keep Heard out of the movie, and that the reasons were not “creative” as Warner Bros. allegedly claim, but because of the conflict between the former couple. If Depp’s lawyers could prove this, then they might likewise find a way to establish that Warner Bros. had reason to believe Depp’s allegations against Heard are accurate.

Whatever the reason Amber Heard allegedly tried to keep mention of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom out of the courtroom, if these documents are what they appear to be, then at the very least the discussion won’t stay out of the public. Fans rooting for Depp are sure see this leak as a victory in a battle that could be going for years. More updates are almost certainly forthcoming.