Johnny Depp To Appear In Edward Scissorhands 2?

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

edward scissorhands 2 johnny depp

The list of roles Johnny Depp wants either in on, or back in on, is a growing one these days. Unfortunately, the list of roles that are readily available for the actor doesn’t seem to be all that plentiful. In fact, the list is basically non-existent. But that isn’t stopping the guy from trying or at least throwing his name out there when a new project pops up. Throw enough stuff at the wall and eventually, something will stick. Such is the case with this latest rumor from insider Daniel Richtman that suggests the actor would love a role in the upcoming Edward Scissorhands 2 movie. 

Johnny Depp wanting back in on Edward Scissorhands 2 makes a lot of sense considering the actor is the one who made the role famous the first time around. Why wouldn’t he want back in on the remake/ reboot/ sequel to the film that could be coming down the pike? In almost any other situation it would be something like a foregone conclusion about the actor returning to the role. But this isn’t your standard situation with the actor. 

edward scissorhands 2 johnny depp

For starters, this Edward Scissorhands 2 sequel/  reboot is coming somewhat out of nowhere. It hadn’t appeared to have been a film in active consideration for a remake or a sequel, seeming very much like a standalone film when it first came out more than three decades ago in 1990. But then Timothee Chalamat appeared in that, now famous, Super Bowl commercial with Winona Ryder in which he was playing Edward’s son Edgar. The young actor’s resemblance to the original Johnny Depp character and clear ability to play the disaffected, blade-fingered character got folks dreaming of the idea of a reboot. 

Now, it’s worth noting that an Edward Scissorhands 2 film (Edgar Scissorhands?) isn’t in anything like active development, in fact, it’s kind of only a rumor right now stemming from the popularity of the initial commercial back in early February. But if Johnny Depp is vying for a role in the supposed movie then we might be inching closer to it actually hitting the screen. For what it’s worth, Tim Burton hasn’t confirmed anything like this and it’s hard to imagine the film coming back without the director at the helm, but maybe stars are beginning to align. 

edward scissorhands 2 johnny depp

As for Johnny Depp, his path back into Hollywood movie roles might be even less certain than Edward Scissorhands 2 getting a version up on the big screen. He’s been embroiled in a high-profile divorce from Amber Heard that has painted the actor in a very negative light. Over the summer he was involved in a court case against the British tabloid The Sun in which he was pushing back on their claims that he was a “wife-beater”. In arguing against that claim, The Sun brought forth evidence to prove their assertion. And they won. Following the closing of the case, Depp was fired from roles in both Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

What’s next for Johnny Depp isn’t quite known. For a lot of reasons, I doubt it will be Edward Scissorhands 2, but stranger things and all.