Jeopardy Getting A New Expansion Show

Jeopardy! could be expanding with a new Masters League, which will showcase the show's most winningest competitors.

By James Brizuela | Updated

Jeopardy! is currently bringing back the Tournament of Champions, but now executive producer Michael Davies is attempting to start a new expansion called Masters League. This new league would work somewhat like the Tournament of Champions, by bringing in the quiz show’s most winningest guests. Davies commented on the expansion by stating, “It seemed ridiculous to me that we have this sport where every single year we take all of our best players — we take our LeBrons and our Dwaynes — and we switch them all out.”

Davies does have a point in that there is constantly reshuffling of some of the biggest players that Jeopardy! has ever seen. Naturally, many would want to see Ken Jennings get back into the competition, but he is currently a permanent co-host of the show with Mayim Bialik. Still, there are plenty of winning competitors that could keep returning for this Masters League expansion show.

ken jennings mayim bialik

Davies also stated that he would want this Jeopardy! Masters League to be live, but that idea has made many of the staff on the show, “nervous.” The normal quiz competition is recorded beforehand, but having a live element added to that could turn out to be a ton more work than the staff could handle. Still, it would be great to see this new expansion series come to fruition.

Another idea that Davies is flirting with is adding a Jeopardy! expansion that would focus solely on sports and pop culture knowledge. To be honest, that series might be more of a hit with younger audiences, as pop culture is a subject that the younger generation loves to obsess over. We aren’t sure if the pop culture idea and sports idea would be separate but having sports-knowledgeable people have their own show would be fantastic, as that seems to be a weak category for most contestants currently.

Jeopardy! has had plenty of issues since the passing of long-time host, Alex Trebek. A new host was attempted to be found, as the quiz show brought on plenty of celebrities to test out how they would perform in Trebek’s place. Former executive producer, Mike Richards, was meant to take the permanent host job before offensive comments of his were unearthed, leaving him to resign. Controversy also surrounded the quiz show when Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings were both taking turns as hosts, but that seems to be all in the past now, and some experimental changes can now be discussed.

Jeopardy! has had the same format for many years, with the Tournament of Champions and Celebrity Jeopardy!, but now it could be time to start listening to the younger generation, and attempt to bring in something fresh. The old format is naturally going to stay, but there could be more of a push to target something new for the long-running competition show.

Jeopardy! has now figured out its permanent host issues, and with that taken care of, it sounds like Michael Davies is the right man to try and expand this show. We are excited to see if these new ideas will happen, as it could mean a new look for Jeopardy! could be on the way, and one that includes fan requests far more.