Jensen Ackles Teases A Secret DC Project

Jensen Ackles could be heading to the DC Extended Universe sooner the later. The actor let on that he has something in the works with WB

By Doug Norrie | Updated

jensen ackles

Jensen Ackles is making the most of his post-Supernatural life and has really been leaning into the comic book/ superhero side of things. It really seems like it would be right in his wheelhouse to take these kinds of roles and there could be more on the way. The latest word has it that Ackles is currently developing either a movie or a series around a DC character for Warner Bros. This would be an exciting development as that studio is in serious growth mode around its stable of characters. 

The initial let on about Ackles and DC comes from the Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum (via ScreenRant) in which Rosenbaum, who knows a thing or two about this space after playing Lex Luthor on Smallville, asked Jensen Ackles if there was a Marvel or DC the latter would like to play. Ackles, in a somewhat surprising answer, beat Rosenbaum to the punch saying, “There is a DC property that I’m currently developing right now with Warner Bros. But… I’m not going to talk about it because (I) don’t want to jinx it.” So it really is anyone’s guess (outside of Ackles and the studio) about who (or what) he could be playing. 

For what it’s worth, Jensen Ackles does have work in and around the Batman character, though that’s all been in voice roles. He voiced Jason Todd/ Red Hood in Batman: Under the Red Hood back in 2010. And then he played Bruce Wayne/ Batman in the two installments of The Long Halloween last year. While Jensen Ackles didn’t get specific about who he was in talks with Warner Bros. about, considering he didn’t want to “jinx” it, we could be looking at possibly a big new role. 

jensen ackles

And Warner Bros. has no shortage of projects Jensen Ackles could be jumping into. The list is too long to go through now and it extends far beyond just the known projects like The Batman and Black Adam which are due out this year. Those are already in the can, so we know it’s not those. But rumors around movies for Green Lantern, Lobo, Plastic Man, Hourman, and Nightwing have been kicking around for years. Plus there are plenty of sequels for bigger projects in the work as well like another Wonder Woman film and The Flash solo flick, though the latter is unlikely considering where they are on that production timeline. 

Before that happens, we are going to see Jensen Ackles get into another set of tights and play the “superhero” sooner than later. That’s because he’s slated to star as Soldier Boy in Season 3 of The Boys on Amazon Prime. Because that comic book and television series uses repurposed versions of popular characters, it’s pretty obvious this one is a play on Marvel’s Captain America. The first episode of the season is set to premiere on June 3rd of this year and is titled “Payback”. That’s a reference to the group that Solider Boy leads in the comics. It is looking like he has a major role in the season to come. And now it looks like he is getting into the DC Extended Universe as well.