Jennifer Lawrence Says She’s Too Old For Certain Kind Of Movie

Jennifer Lawrence has stated that she's too old and brittle for franchises.

By James Brizuela | Published

It should come as no surprise that actors who are part of franchises have to be a bit more on the athletic side of things, especially if those franchises involve some heavy action. Jennifer Lawrence was once part of the most popular franchise, as she portrayed Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, which was comprised of four movies. Lawrence might have been asked to join some newer franchises, but she is staying away as she recently stated that, “Franchises are so fun. I could never do one now ’cause I’m just too old and brittle.”

Jennifer Lawrence is only 32 years old currently, but we would assume she has had her fill of appearing in franchises, as The Hunger Games was not the only one that the actress was a part of. Lawrence also played the young Mystique in the X-Men reboot franchise that also had a four-movie run in the 2010s. Between both those franchises, Lawrence understands the mental and physical toll that these movies take.

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence leaving the franchise world behind was also a good move, as she landed a Best Actress Academy Award in 2012 for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. This feat is even more impressive considering Lawrence became the second youngest woman to ever win that award in cinema history. The famed actress seems to be wanting to pull away from the high-profile blockbusters and do more of the artsy types of films that saw her win her first Academy Award.

Jennifer Lawrence is also moving away from blockbuster films to more of a run with indie pictures, as she also has a production company that is called Excellent Cadaver, which she holds with producing partner, Justine Polsky. The first film being produced under Excellent Cadaver is the highly anticipated feature, Causeway. Lawrence plays the role of a soldier who returns home from Afghanistan and realizes that she has injuries to both the body and mind.

Causeway is set to appear in theaters and on AppleTV on November 4, 2022. This new film could see Jennifer Lawrence be mentioned again in the Academy Awards sector, as the trailer showcases the broken women that Lawrence is set to embody. The film also stars fan-favorite actor, Brian Tyree Henry.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Excellent Cadaver also has three more films slated on its schedule which are Bad Blood, No Hard Feelings, and Sue. Lawrence could also be heading for more of an active role in producing feature films, which would mean that she does not have the time needed to star in franchises. Some of the actors in the MCU have been in the superhero space for nearly 15 years at this point.

Jennifer Lawrence might be done with the franchise life, but we are more than excited to see her in more of a filmmaking role, as her production company is handling the release of Causeway. The new film will be released at the beginning of November, and it is already being mentioned in Academy Award circles. We think she made the right decision to bow out of appearing in any more franchises, at least for the time being, while she cements herself more as an actor and producer.