Jennifer Lawrence: She’s Sort Of On Instagram And Twitter These Days

Jennifer Lawrence doesn't maintain any typical celebrity social media accounts on Instagram or Twitter but she still uses the platforms

By Doug Norrie | Updated

Jennifer Lawrence has notably been able to stay (mostly) off of all forms of social media despite her considerable stardom.

There are some reasons for this distancing and the actress has admitted she isn’t completely avoiding the platforms. It might be more that fans simply wouldn’t even know where to find her. 


For starters, Jennifer Lawrence does technically have an “official” Twitter account, though it isn’t in the same vein as many other celebrities. While some use their accounts as a way to bring fans up to speed on what projects they are working on, or what they are doing on a day-to-day basis, Jennifer Lawrence has a specific Twitter account for bringing on social change. It’s under the @JLawrence_RepUs handle and is in part a redirect to the platform.  

From this account, Jennifer Lawrence has tweeted almost solely about issues involving racial inequity, voter rights, and health care initiatives. In the general vein of celebrity social media accounts, this barely qualifies considering the specificity of its content.

Sure, it’s blue-check verified but the 87K follower count would be considered really low for someone like Jennifer Lawrence if it were in line with other celebrity feeds. That being said, if one wanted to say this counted as Jennifer Lawrence being on social media, then so be it. You can see some of what she has posted on Twitter in the short term. Almost the entire feed follows along these lines.


As for Instagram, Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have a verified account there at all. There are plenty of fan accounts going, some with significant followings, and are dedicated to updating folks on the vagaries of the actress’s career. But none of these are run by Jennifer Lawrence or her team.

Some like @jenniferlawrence_ (seen above and bel0w) and @jlawthequeen have significant follower counts with 556,000 and 111,000 respectively. And for what it’s worth, these accounts do have rather solid traction with an engaged base of followers piling up the like and comment counts.

It’s a testament to Lawrence’s stardom that third-party accounts in her name can rack up followers in the hundreds of thousands. If she were to get in Instagram tomorrow, no doubt the followers would ramp up close to a million in pretty short order.


Jennifer Lawrence has spoken in the past about why she prefers to stay off of social media like Instagram and Twitter. She has admitted that she does actually have accounts for both platforms, but they aren’t public-facing and no one would know they were actually her online.

She’s said she uses them much in the way everyone else would but has wanted to avoid the scrutiny she’d likely face if folks knew they were her controlling the content. Lawrence has given some lengthy thoughts on why this is the case. She said this to InStyle

“But I’m a voyeur: I watch, I don’t speak. There is always so much backlash. So many people are listening and paying attention, and they have so many opinions about absolutely everything. I really don’t want to welcome that unless it’s absolutely necessary. I don’t want to put myself out there for no reason. Unless I’m promoting something or something really burns my onions, you won’t hear from me.”

From a celebrity perspective, this is a totally reasonable case to make when it comes to Instagram. There have been more than a few examples of online mobs coming for celebrities on social media. Jennifer Lawrence wanting to avoid something that can, at times, can become a cesspool of trolling or over-examination makes a lot of sense.

She’s likely been pressured in the past by representatives and others to make some of these aspects of her life more public-facing but in the actress’s mind, it appears the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Holding this line can sometimes be a tough push and pull.


And apparently, it is a family kind of thing when it comes to Jennifer Lawrence avoiding social media. Her husband Cooke Maroney doesn’t appear to be all that engaged on any platform either. He is an art director in New York City, a gig one would think would align pretty well with something like Instagram.

But by all accounts, he stays out of this arena as well. Maybe they’ve made some kind of pact to just avoid it altogether. In terms of life upgrades, this is probably a pretty darn good decision. 

So no social media, Instagram or “real” Twitter for Jennifer Lawrence and more power to her. Sometimes the push and pull of celebrity can have folks in these spaces when they clearly don’t feel comfortable doing it, giving too close a window into their personal lives.

Jennifer Lawrence has successfully sidelined the whole venture. Congrats. Let’s see if it stays that way. 


jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence took a couple of years off from acting following the release of 2019s X-Men Dark Phoenix. There were a couple of different reasons for this. For starters, the pandemic didn’t help in this respect with a majority of Hollywood going on something of a hiatus over at least the beginning stages of the Covid-19 outbreak.

So, in that sense, it wasn’t all that weird for some actors or actresses to have a gap in movie or series releases. But that wasn’t the sole reasoning, and in fact, her break was planned well in advance of the pandemic.

After Dark Phoenix, Jennifer Lawrence was clear that she wanted to step away from the screen to focus on home life as well as to reevaluate her career choices after a string of not-so-well received flicks. With a couple of years out of the relative limelight, she did decide to step back into the mix with Don’t Look Up.

The Adam McKay film on Netflix ended up receiving some Oscar nominations. It was a strong performer for the streamer and had an absolute who’s who of a cast in a story about a comet headed for Earth that was an allegory for the issues of climate change on our planet.


Don’t Look Up and a return to acting wasn’t the only big Jennifer Lawrence news over the last couple of years. And some it didn’t involve the screen at all. That’s because she and husband Cooke Maroney welcomed their first child in February of 2022.

And there’s a good chance that the social media habits (or lack thereof) for Jennifer Lawrence don’t see much of a change at all after this family addition. She spoke with Vanity Fair and had said that she was going to work diligently to protect the privacy of her child, wanting to shield them from the limelight as much as possible.

That’s easier said than done when it comes to celebrity culture, but it would seem the actress has a solid start on that front.

In the next few years, Jennifer Lawrence has a number of movies lined up. She’s going to work with Adam McKay again, this time in Bad Blood, a biopic about Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos infamy.

There’s a chance this could be another hit considering the talent on and off camera in this one. She also has Red, White, and Water lined up alongside Brian Tyree Henry in a story about a traumatized soldier.