The Best Jennifer Garner Movies On Netflix

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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The Best Jennifer Garner Films on Netflix

For well over two decades, Jennifer Garner has graced both the big and small screens, cementing her place in Hollywood. On television, Garner is best known for her role as CIA Agent Sydney Bristow in the long-running J. J. Abrams Alias.

As for feature films, she has hit on just about every genre possible with great success. A few of Garner’s features are streaming right now on Netflix, so let’s take a look at what the streaming service has to offer.

The Kingdom (2007)

The Kingdom is an action thriller directed by Peter Berg that stars Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman, and Jennifer Garner. The film is based on a number of terrorist attacks that occurred from 1996 through 2003. It tells the story of an FBI rapid deployment team who makes their way over to Saudi Arabia to track down the terrorists responsible for the deadly attack on an American oil company housing compound.

Garner plays Special Agent Janet Mayes, a forensic examiner who is trying to put the pieces together and determine where to find the terrorists. The Kingdom is a heart-wrenching film that shows just how volatile the entire region was (and continues to be).

Watch The Kingdom on Netflix.

Yes Day (2021)

If you are looking for a little bit lighter film from Jennifer Garner, well then Netflix has what you need. It is called Yes Day and the family film follows Allison (Garner) and Carlos Torres (Édgar Ramírez) as parents of three young children.

When Allison and Carlos first met, they were up for anything, saying yes to all sorts of adventures. But when their children came along, they began to say no to everything, wanting to protect their children from harm. When the parents find out how their children see them, they decide to give them a yes day, a day where they can do anything within reason and the parents cannot say no.

Yes Day is a silly and touching family film that shows the value of parents interacting with their children. Jenna Ortega also stars as Allison and Carlos’ eldest daughter, Katie.

Watch Yes Day on Netflix.

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Peppermint (2018)

Before Jennifer Garner became “happy mom” in Yes Day, she went all out as a badass vigilante in Peppermint. This film showing on Netflix has Garner playing Riley North, a mom who over time transforms herself from mild-mannered into a vigilante seeking justice for the cartel that killed her husband and young daughter. Garner once again puts on her action thriller shoes as she teaches herself the ins and outs of lethal weapons and hand-to-hand combat, the skills she will use to seek vengeance. John Ortiz, John Gallagher Jr., and Annie Ilonzeh also star in this explosive thriller.

Watch Peppermint on Netflix.

The Adam Project 2022

Time travel is the name of the game in this science fiction action comedy, The Adam Project. The film begins in 2050, when fighter pilot Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) steals a time jet so he can return to 2018 and save the life of his wife, Laura (Zoe Saldaña).

On his way back, he crash lands in 2022 after getting injured by those hunting him down. Adam’s injury is enough to where he can’t get back in the jet, so he goes to find his younger self, whose DNA will allow the older Adam access.

Jennifer Garner plays Ellie Reed, the very confused mother of both Adam’s. Mark Ruffalo is also on hand as Louis Reed, Adam’s father and the quantum physicist who put together the algorithm which made time travel possible.

Watch The Adam Project on Netflix.

Llama Llama (2019)

While technically not a feature film, Llama Llama nevertheless is a Netflix animated series that has Jennifer Garner voicing the role of Mama Llama. The series is based on the Anna Dewney children’s book series of the same name.

Dewdney also created the series alongside Reed Duncan and Jane Startz. Duncan pushed for the series as a tribute to Dewdney, who sadly passed away in 2016 after losing her battle with brain cancer.

The series follows Llama Llama, a young llama living with his mother as he learns about friendship, family, fun, and many new things.

Watch Llama Llama on Netflix.