See Ryan Reynolds Wish Sandra Bullock Happy Birthday In The Most Hilariously Naked Way Possible

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

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Ryan Reynolds wished fellow actor Sandra Bullock a happy birthday in the best and most Ryan Reynolds way possible—with an Instagram post showing both of them naked.

Ryan Reynolds wished Sandra Bullock a happy birthday with a certain scene from their movie The Proposal.

Reynolds and Bullock starred together in 2009’s The Proposal, a film about a Canadien boss who coerces her assistant into marrying her so she can keep her American visa and not lose her job.

Like any rom-com worth watching, the film is hilarious, heartfelt, sweet, and a little saucy, especially in a certain scene that had the pair accidentally rubbing up against each other’s naked bodies—which is the exact scene that Reynolds posted on social media for his birthday shout out. 

Ryan Reynolds posted, “Happy birthday to the inimitable and stunning Sandra Bullock!” And then joked that he got them both intimacy coordinators, an HR department, and clothing for the actress’s birthday.

The Proposal follows Ryan Reynolds as Andrew Paxton, the assistant to pushy boss Margaret Tate, played by Sandra Bullock

The Proposal is a romantic comedy from 2009, written by Peter Chiarelli and directed by 27 Dresses director Anne Fletcher. The film follows Ryan Reynolds as Andrew Paxton, the assistant to pushy boss Margaret Tate, played by Sandra Bullock.

When Margaret is notified that she will lose her American visa, she blackmails Andrew into agreeing to pretend to be engaged. However, things get more complicated when the pair are shipped off to Alaska to spend the weekend with Andrew’s family in their isolated northern town. 

The scene that Ryan Reynolds posted for Sandra Bullock’s birthday takes place after Margaret slips while getting out of the shower and falls into the naked arms of Andrew, who has just stripped down after a run.

While Reynolds joked about needing an intimacy coordinator for the scene, Bullock has previously spoken about how comfortable she felt while filming with the actor, saying that she experienced a sense of “camaraderie and safety.”

Speaking on the About Last Night podcast with Adam Ray, Bullock described how filming that scene was a closed set with only essential crew on the sound stage.

Filming The Scene Had Rules

Not even hair and makeup were allowed on the set during filming, and the beauty team would have to come in between takes to “fluff and hide.” Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock both wore privacy patches, and Bullock’s hair was strategically placed over her chest, though the actress said they both offered each other respect by not looking.

Not even hair and makeup were allowed on the set during filming the scene

The actress explained how it was a little awkward, saying, “We couldn’t really move. Then I hear [director] Anne Fletcher from the darkness go, ‘Ryan, we can see your ball sack!’ I’m like, ‘Oh God!’ because you want to look down, but I’m like, ‘Don’t look down. Don’t look down.’ And you’re like, ‘Should I help? No. Not helping.’ … I was like, ‘Anne, there’s a way to present that information.'”

The Proposal was filmed six years before Intimacy Directors and Coordinators, the firm that employs trained professionals to help assist actors while filming intimate scenes, was established in 2015. While having an intimacy coordinator on set is now standard practice, it didn’t exist when Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock filmed this hilarious naked scene. 

Clearly, neither Ryan Reynolds nor Sandra Bullock found filming uncomfortable, though. And the throwback birthday post is a great reminder that this classic rom-com featuring two of Hollywood’s greatest comedians exists.